Kings of Metal

Battlelore (Finnish power metal based on LOTR/Tolkien)
Black Mages (Japanese Industrial Rock based on Final Fantasy music)
Blind Guardian (German folk/power metal, heavily influenced by LOTR/Tolkien)
Bruce Dickinson (American/English heavy metal; singer from Iron Maiden mostly in conjunction with Roy Z of Tribe of Gypsies)
Demons & Wizards (German/American symphonic/power metal; Blind Guardian/Iced Earth solo project)
Devin Townsend (Canadian prog metal; Singer from Vai and his other project Strapping Young Lad)
Dimmu Borgir (Norweigan black metal)
Enigma (Romanian new age/pop)
Ensiferum (Finnish folk metal)
Epica (Dutch symphonic metal)
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (Finnish melodic death metal)
Final Fantasy: Celtic Moon (Video game instrumentals)
Freedom Call (German power metal)
Gregorian: Masters of Chant (German Gregorian chant/pop)
Hammerfall (Classic-style Swedish power/heavy metal; heavy Manowar influence; originally started by In Flames founder Jesper Stromblad and fellow Ceremonial Oath member Oscar Dronjak, Stromblad quit to obligate himself to In Flames in '96)
Helloween (Classic German power metal)
Hollenthon (Austrian gothic/symphonic metal)
In Flames (Swedish melodic death metal)
Iron Maiden (Classic English heavy metal)
Kamelot (American power metal)
Leaves' Eyes (Norweigan symphonic folk metal; formed by Liv Kristine and her husband Alexander Krull, lead vocalist of Atrocity, shortly after Kristine was fired from Theatre of Tragedy)
Manowar (Classic American heavy metal; heavy Norse influence; formed by Joey DeMaio and singer Eric Adams)
Nightwish (Finnish symphonic metal)
Nine Inch Nails (American industiral/gothic; created by Trent Reznor, original promoter of Marilyn Manson)
Nocturnal Rites (Swedish power/heavy metal)
Ozzy Osbourne (Classic American/English heavy metal; original singer for Black Sabbath)
Paradise Lost (founder of Classic British death metal; now plays gothic metal)
Rammstein (German gothic/industiral)
Rhapsody of Fire (Italian folk/symphonic metal; on Manowar's label)
Sirenia (Norweigan gothic/symphonic metal; former songwriter from Tristania)
Stratovarius (Finnish symphonic metal)
Tarja Turunen (Finnish Symphonic metal; former singer from Nightwish)
Therion (Swedish gothic/symphonic metal; heavy pagan influence)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (American prog rock; creator of way too many Christmas albums)
Tristania (Norwegian gothic/symphonic metal)
Wintersun (Finnish folk/death metal; solo project from ex-Ensiferum frontman)
Within Temptation (Hollander gothic/symphonic metal)

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