The Golden Scroll

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These are the surviving records of the heroes of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos from 978 to 1007. The major events surrounding this time are:

978-985 The Age of Exploration: This is the time most of the known heroes made a name for themselves by being commissioned by King Stephan of Karameikos or other interest groups to explore the many ancient castle, caverns and manors that traveresed the realm, abandoned from earlier ages. Everett the elf, Stalfor the dwarf and Marina the cleric are among the first, with Viper the barbarian, Greegan the thief and Gandalph the Bard coming soon afterwards. This was also when many of explorers sailed to the Isle of Dread (982-985) in hopes of finding one of the fabled Black Pearl. This age ends with the defeat of the Immortal known as 'Evilman' by seven heroes.

986-992 The Clan Wars: This is a time when many minor clans throughout the lands begin to come into conflict with one another: the Silverglade Elves vs. the Sandhill Gnomes, the Thieves' Guild vs. the Helion Keng Clan, and the King of Glantri vs. the Baron of Malpheggi, and the Black Eagle vs. the priesthood of Karameikos. Many famed adventurers gathered powerful allies and try to fight each other over the treasures and powerful relics discovered throughout their explorations. Yohan Lancelot, Sheela Lancelot and Furball Applecarrier become famous for their open conflicts. Everett, Viper, and the ninja Shadowsword race to Zeaburg to find the Holy Grail, which Shadowsword claims. Everett becomes Clanmaster of Silverglade. The Black Eagle uses the power of a mighty relic known as the Symbol of the Dragon to bring a huge amber dragon against Karameikos which is defeated by Gandalph, Shadowsword, and the Sword of Destiny.

993-997 The Black Eagle Revolt: Although the Black Eagle Barony does not order any outright attacks until 997, the Dark Paladin maintains open hostility with his cousin, King Stephan the Good, throughout this time. Sheela joins the Black Eagle in August of 993 through an elven general known only as Friend and works hard to bring resources to Fort Doom and sow chaos in the king's lands. Most of the other adventurers such as Everett, Viper, Gandalph and Yohan become enemies of the Black Eagle. On Aug. 17, 997, Friend orders an assassination attempt on King Stephan (which Everett thwarts) and all his allies. Wererats attack Threshold, mummies attack Silverglade, and his personal guard takes Kelvin. Everett takes an elven force south to defend Specularum, where he finds a hobgoblin army led by Shadowsword. The two fight and Everett wins and then saves Shadowsword from falling to his death but loses his Sword of Law in the process. The Black Eagle forces are defeated and the Dark Paladin loses on Nov. 14 when the Black Eagle lose Kelvin to a third attack.

998-999 The Time of Peace: For a short time there is relative peace. Everett resigns as Clanmaster of Silverglade and disappears. The Immortal known as Master combines Everett's lost Sword of Law, Viper's Sword of Neutrality, and Shadowsword's Sword of Chaos into the Sword of Destiny and sends it into Yggdrisil, a magical tree that grows outside the mansion. Viper gets caught up in the tree's magic and is sent away along with it. Sheela becomes of a baron of the island kingdom of Ieriendi.

1000-1001 The Cataclysm: On Jan. 1, 1000, the invisible second moon of Mystara explodes, leading many to believe that the end of the world is near. The next year, a great tsunami hits the shoreline, wiping out many islands and coastal cities. Magic spells become unpredictable and clerical spells become useless. Fallen Immortals travel the realm as mortals. New monsters called Denars begin to appear. Yohan's daughter is kidnapped by an elven mage named Veredith under the command of the dragon goddess Tiamat. Yohan is killed by Christopher Lashan, Duke of Tel Akbir, on the same day while defending the winged elf Faeya from Black Eagle forces commanded by Friend. Sheela kills the king of Ieriendi and takes control of the island kingdom as well as the Black Eagle Barony, renaming the Dark Paladin's capital from Fort Doom to Citadel. She also allies with the pirates of Gerald and puts Specularum under siege. Shadowsword takes a small army to Ieriendi and razes the city. Veredith leaves Tiamat and drops his disguise, becoming Everett again; he then joins the Black Eagle and later becomes a werewolf. Yohan returns to Mystara as the fallen angel Yohana. Sheela becomes a Duke of Thyatis. The Dark Paladin's Sword of Decimation is destroyed by Everett IV. King Stephan abdicates his throne and disappears; the throne is taken up first by Viper's son, Victor, who is later overthrown and replaced by Everett's son, Everett IV.

1002-1006 The Denar Crusade: The Denars multiply at a dangerous speed, using humans and other hosts to propagate themselves. Armies are raised to help defend the cities against the Denar onslaught. Gandalph inherits the throne of Karameikos for a short time. Everett, Shadowsword, Joseph the fighter, Basara the mystic and Scherezade the cleric climb the Mountain of Law to use its power to cleanse the atmosphere of the infectuous dust that gives birth to the Denars. There they find the King of Selenica, who slays the Denar overlord guarding the mountain. Scherezade uses her power to cleanse the atmosphere of Denar particles, but she disappears when an earthquake shatters the mountain. Yohana and Everett join the Black Eagle, which begins to take control in Selenica. A deal is made between King Stephan and the Dark Paladin to hold a tournament outside the castle to decide who would take control of Selenica, which the king wins. A Denar army then conquers Selenica but a party led by Gandalph uses the Dark Paladin's magic shield to destroy them. Everett allies with Tiamat and kills his son just as Everett IV became a paladin. An army of demons headed by Yohana and Shadowsword takes control of Selenica. Yohana is later slain by Stalfor in Ylaruam. Sheela raises an army to form a crusade; she begins sweeping through the lands, destroying many of the monsters in Thyatis and Karameikos. The battle against the Denars is won on Jan. 1st, 1007, when Gandalph, Calix the avenger, Queen Sheela, and Marcus the elf destroy the last two Denar overlords holed up in Threshold.

1007-???? The Demon Wars: King Stephan, The former king of Selenica, holds a victory tournament in the forest of Alfheim in honor of Gandalph's party killing the last two Denars. Everett, disguised as a rogue named Karlak, gives Marcus a magic mirror, who gives it to Gandalph. King Stephan later asks Gandalph to lead a group of settlers to Threshold, but when they get there, they're routed by giants and undead led by the Dark Paladin priest Dharnin. Gandalph makes a deal with the priest and withdraws the survivors. Sheela's advisor, Thebes, sends Sheliatan soldiers to Wereskalot to help the village kill a clan of werewolves, but the army is decimated with the help of the werewolf clanmaster Basara, Everett, and a red dragon named Starchild. Everett finds the gemstones Clydno and Eidden at the bottom of Deepheart caverns and gives them to Tiamat. Michael Sandhill and Erica Speartip team up with Phaeros the sailor and a Soderfjord priest named Gregory Mendell to smuggle weapons for Akesoli in their war against Darokin. Darokin is razed to the ground, and the party is captured in Specularum but escapes. An Immortal named Ninhursag finds Viper the barbarian, who had long been trapped inside a primordeal dimension thanks in part to Sheela. Viper is sent back to Mystara, near the Alignment Mountains, and climbs the Mountain of Law, where he becomes a paladin. There he meets Scherezade, now fully healed after her fall from the earthquake, and Ninhursag sends them both on a quest to Ostland to find the Holy Grail.

The Dark Paladin commands Calix to hire some Crimson Knight mercanaries and go to the Isle of Dread in order to enslave the native population there and force them to haul gold up from the underground City of Gold and bring it back to his cult in Ylaraum. On the isle, Calix defeats the two dark elf sisters, Betch and Wechlia Xilyn, and then hires them to guide him through the underground tunnels. The dark elves introduce Calix to the wizard Grant so that he could translate for them. But after they take the island natives captive, Grant betrays the party and frees the slaves. Calix finds the City of Gold and uses kobolds to haul the gold up instead, but he loses most of the treasure when dark elves attack them on the way back up. Everett then appears to Calix to inform him that Grant took his ship and has left them stranded, then offers to rescue them if he joins Tiamat. Calix agrees and teams up with Everett, capturing the two dark elf nobles, Dorgin and Tails D'naga, in the process. Calix helps Everett search the tombs in Mizraim's Valley of the Kings for shamir worms, needed to complete a new spell. Calix forces Tails to help them defeat the undead Ramses, but the dark elf later escapes along with the Staff of Wishes that Everett had previously stolen from Marina Prayer.

Calix and Phaeros kill an evil cleric named Zoon and Phaeros takes over the dead man's tavern in Specularum. Calix and Phaeros take command of the ship of a pirate named Captain N'bod and use a magic portal found on Captain N'bod's ship to find his treasure on Moon island. Meanwhile, Everett and Starchild return to Basara's inn to take revenge on the city of Wereskalot, but are captured by the Grey Robe and taken to the dungeons of Glantri city. There, they escape and return to Wereskalot, only to see Basara's inn destroyed by the Grey Robe. Calix is then sent to Alfheim to destroy a trade caravan headed for King Stephan while Everett is sent to Specularum to seduce Faeya and take her to Riverrock so that he can kidnap Glade, the son of Calix and Faeya. Sheela puts Specularum under siege, but when Everett and Faeya try to run the guantlet in a ship, they are caught by a chain net that Sheela had set up. Everett and Faeya fly on board the ship, and Sheela comes out to meet them. Watching from a crystal ball, the matron mother of Tails D'naga has Calix, Faithe, Everett, Faeya, and Sheela wished into her dungeon using the Staff of Wishes. House D'naga forces them all to perform infiltration missions for them, including stealing a piece of Jaser's scroll, giving House D'naga the ability to take control of the giant obsidian golem that Betch had once helped Jaser create. Tiamat enlists the help of one of the dark elves inside House D'naga, Galeron, to help keep Faithe safe while her dragons attack. Calix and Tiamat's dragons destroy the obsidian giant as it attacks House Xilyn and captures Dorgin. Tails tries to convince Sheela not to trust Tiamat and to help him rescue Dorgin so that they could help her escape. Sheela leaves Tails and follows Starchild instead, but Starchild backstabs her and leaves her behind. Everett and Faeya travel back to Riverrock, but Stalfor reads Everett's mind and has him captured. Stalfor coerces Everett into telling him that Tiamat plans to use the gemstones Clydno and Eidden to control the demon armies that will invade Selenica. Instead of sending Everett back to Tiamat as a spy and risk his mind being read, Stalfor tortures Everett and then demands a final battle, one on one, at the elf's old house outside Selenica in 3 months, offering to bring his old magic items if Everett brought Clydno and Eidden.

General Victor surrounds Phaeros' new tavern and presses him for information about Michael, Victor's mother's killer. Michael, Erica, and Gregory attack, trying to help Phaeros escape, but Victor levels the tavern with a Ring of Earthquakes, which Phaeros then steals. The party escapes through Zoon's magic portals onto the S.S. Renegade, the same ship Gandalph is taking to Shogaria. Tiamat's demons come through Everett's magic mirror, and Phaeros' party is taken to Castle Styx by the dragon Acidsmelt. Phaeros is given to Calix while the others are imprisoned. The ship is then destroyed when a huge dragon passing by detects the demons, grabs the ship, and throws it onto a barrier reef to destroy the demons. Gandalph is able to save the crew by casting Fly on them all and then teleports them to Sheliatis after making a deal with the Empire's regent king, Jorah. Using a Magic Mirror spell, Gandalph shows Jorah and the council that Sheela is still alive, but they ask Gandalph to keep it a secret. With the help of Grant, Sheela returns to Specularum on Calix's ship. She finds Specularum conquered, but also finds her most trusted generals, Harper and Victor, are at war with the Sheliatin Council in Citadel. Sheela secures the help of Gandalph, a halfling hero named Regan Goldfury, and Councilman Thebes to help make a surprise attack on the Sheliatin Council.

Everett and Calix return to the tombs of Mizraim and find the shamir worms in the Tomb of Akehenaten, which Everett trades to a servant of Ba'al Marduk for a feather of Ma'at. But the demon then shows Everett an image of Erica being tortured and demands that Everett also hand over the gemstones Clydno and Eidden as well. Starchild, knowing that Erica was being held in Castle Styx, assures Everett that the image is a hoax without giving away the fact that he knew this because Tiamat was keeping her captive. Everett calls the demon's bluff, dispels the portal, and returns to Styx to use the feather to create the spell, Dark Bomb. Meanwhile, Calix, Phaeros, Michael and Erica are sent to a desert castle to defeat the Crimson Knights guarding the castle, and steal the Spear of Destiny from a lich named Apkieran. Tiamat then has Everett, Calix, and her dragon guardians enter Selenica and use five rune stones to open a giant portal in the center of town to bring in her demon and dragon armies. Stalfor convinces Everett to switch sides and together they kill Galeron and destroy one of the runes, dispelling the gate before half of Tiamat's demon army makes it through. Stalfor's army, a mixture of dwarves and Dark Paladin mercanaries, captures Phaeros, and attempts to use him to divert Tiamat's forces. Phaeros instead tips off their location and uses the Ring of Earthquakes to bring the guildhouse down on top of the army, killing most of them.

Meanwhile, Scherezade and Viper help save a relic from Helena's Church when a rebel named Hamza initiates a Yishmaelite revolt that burns many religious sites in the city of Urushalem. Starchild then brings Viper to Silverglade to kill Everett, but Everett convinces Viper join him, which helps the elf rescue Michael and Erica from Castle Styx. Sheela marches into the Sheliatin Council and cuts Jorah's throat, but Thebes dies when Gandalph teleports everyone to the Sheliatin capital, Fantasia. There they find the conspiracy led by her son Adolph, who made a secret alliance with a high priest to the Dark Paladin, Avragis. Adolph tries to get Sheela to surrender using her old friend Greegan as a hostage, but Sheela refuses and Greegan is killed when Phaeros uses his Ring of Earthquakes on the store he was tied up in. Scherezade finds Sheela just as she orders her party to kill Adolph. Trying to protect a young boy, Scherezade knocks Sheela off her horse with her hammer, but is trampled in the process. Gandalph kills Adolph, Sheela kills a general named Marius, and Vanessa convinces Scherezade to join Gandalph's party. Everett and Viper try to help but Everett is beaten by the werewolf mage Numa, and Viper is paralyzed by Avragis. Gandalph and Vanessa rescue the two of them and retreat with Sheela into a forest on the outskirts of the city. After Gandalph teleports in reinforcements and elite soldiers loyal to Sheela arrive, the queen splits the party into a diversionary force in Fantasia and the main force attacking Citadel. Sheela and Viper clear Citadel's roof and capture the castle, with the last two councilmen who hadn't fled committing suicide. Gandalph is allowed into Fantasia Castle and parlays with Avragis and Dharnin, and then disrupts a ceremony led by the Dark Paladin with a magical hornblast. The diversionary force defeats the rest of Avragis' party and a cavalry of mercanaries, with Phaeros backstabbing a mage named Magdalene while pretending to be charmed, and the party returns to Citadel for a victory feast. In retaliation, the Dark Paladin razes Fantasia to the ground with an army of Slayers and hellhorses. While Phaeros, Regan, and Shadowsword go to spy on the Slayer army, Sheela meets with King Stephan, the Dark Paladin's cousin and long-time enemy. King Stephan tries to convince Sheela that allying with the Dark Paladin is necessary with Tiamat having taken over Selenica. When Sheela refuses, the king tries to assassinate her, but she escapes and has her army retreat back to Specularum.



Everett Speartip III and Stalfor Fireforge explore an abandoned castle near Everett's hut on the outskirts of Selencia. The rusty porcullus locks them in immediately and they are forced to search for another way out. They find a baby dinosaur, and use a key that was strapped around it's neck to open one of the castle's locked doors. They destroy a strange contraption and find some treasure before making their way into an underground tunnel that leads directly out of Everett's well.

Using a compass he found in the abandoned castle, Everett navigates his way through the Dark Forest and arrives in the village of Darokin. He's hired to kill a thoul: half troll, half ghoul, causing havoc in the village. He climbs Thoul tower to find a magical flame blocking the way. But using a Ring of Fire Resistance he found earlier, he gets past the magical barrier and kills the thoul easily.

Everett and Stalfor fight goblin bands off Selencia and spend their free time at the XXX Bar. The Good King of Selenica begins hiring them for odd jobs and spy missions.

Everett and Stalfor are eating lunch outside when an earthquake shakes the gorund and a giant purple worm appears in the city only to descends again, leaving a gaping hole in the ground. Everett and Stalfor follow the giant wormhole for miles, killing monsters along the way. They finally find the exit, in the middle of a field not to too far from Silverglade.


Marina Prayer and two other clerics join Everett and Stalfor in order to help kill the evil wizard Bargle, who holed himself deep within the ruins of a well guarded mansion. The party kills Bargle and his ogre bodyguards but Marina is the only cleric to survive and decides to stay with them.

Marina Prayer

Everett's party explores an abandoned wizard's school, kills a displacer beast and finds a red dragon egg. Everett keeps it and raises it to maturity but then releases it.


Everett's party helps Silverglade defeat a dark elf that is terrorizing them.

Nivek the mage, Everett's companion, is turned to stone by a medusa gorgon but Everett returns to the city, purchases a spell and then returns, casting it on Nivek and turning him back to flesh.

Albert Greegan plots with Nivek to ambush Everett and kill him for his magic items. They plan to do it while exploring a cave near Threshold. Greegan gets Everett's loyal friends Stalfor, Marina and Joseph to go down one tunnel while they go down another. Nivek jumps out of the shadows and attacks. Everett turns Nivek into a fly and Greegan surrenders.

MC Viper the barbarian hires an elf and a cleric to help explore a local cave near Threshold. The cleric is killed while treasure hunting and Viper and the elf barely get back escape. Viper then builds an axe trap on his front door and invites the elf over. His companion is hit by the trap when he opens the door and Viper finishes him off, taking all the treasure for himself.

Everett, Stalfor, Marina, Greegan, MC Viper decide to follow a map to the
Isle of Dread to find a giant black pearl. An elf named Furball Applecarrier also joins but departs in anger over an argument regarding travelling position. The party (excluding Marina) robs a bank to fund the trip, killing a giant guard spider. While out to sea, they come upon a merchant ship. Everett creates the illusion of a red dragon, scaring all the merchants onto the smaller ship. The party steals the merchant ship and sails off. The smaller ship sinks, killing the merchants. On the way to the island, they meet a pixie named Katrina who magically flies the ship the rest of the way.

Katrina the pixie

Exploration is slow once on the Isle of Dread. Marina Prayer and Greegan use Katrina's powers to fly to the village of Torlynn where they explore Barrak's Keep, a dungeon of ice, with a wizard child named Gandalph. Greegan and Gandalph do not get along from the start. While staying at the village inn, Greegan mutilates Gandalph in his sleep and Gandalph retaliates similarly. Meanwhile, Everett watches them with his crystal ball. Jealous of Marina going off on her own, Everett uses Katrina to lure Greegan and Gandalph back to the Isle of Dread where he ambushes them. He defeats Greegan with a lightning bolt. Gandalph surrenders and Everett decides to spare him. So, Gandalph joins up with them.

After finally making their way into the island's central platau, the party invades the cliffside temple, fighting the inhabiting tribesmen. The party descends to it's watery basement to find the black pearl resting inside a giant open oyster. When Everett picks it up, the shell closes on him. The others pry it open and escape with Everett and the pearl, fighting giant crabs along the way. Gandalph adds to the haul when he uses his earth elemental to mine some gold in a nearby cave.


An invisible stalker attacks. Everett's and Stalfor's magic swords reveal the monster's location. Gandalph plays the bamboo flute while the others defeat the assassin.

MC Viper and Gandalph leave the party seperately. While exploring, Gandalph finds a cave but within feet of it, he falls into a spiked pit. MC Viper walks out of the cave he had been calling home for several months and decides to finish Gandalph off but suddenlly, Master the cleric appeares and rescues the young mage.


The party returns from the Isle of Dread and sells the black pearl.

Everett dislikes the way the magic items are divided and chases after Gandalph. Everett catches up to Gandalph's new party, Whata the cleric and her beast-man monsters. Everett surrenders after one of the monsters jumps on him and starts biting his head.

Greegan finds a Ring of Wishes in the Bugbear Mansion and wishes for all of Everett's stuff. Everett's house appears in front of him, throwing him backwards, directly through the wall. Everett walks out of his house with two swords, very angry at the transportation of his house and Greegan runs away.

Everett climbs the Mountain of Law. He is almost killed by an amber golem when a red dragon he reared saves him. Everett gains the Sword of Law and uses the sword to dismiss a dark spirit.


The Isle of Dread native Llana gives birth to Viper's son, Arta.

The red dragon Everett found in the bugbear mansion and raised returns to him and aids Everett in locating Whata, the chaotic cleric who had been responsible for burning down may churches using three dragons, ridden by Whata and her monsters. Everett's party gains the allegiance of two other red dragons and ambushes the cleric in a mid-air dragon fight. Everett's force destorys Whata and her dragonriders and Everett parts with his dragon friend again.

Everett, Stalfor, Marina, Greegan, Gandalph, Splinter and MC Viper are teleported by Master the cleric to Evilman Tower. Everett drinks a potion that changes his sex. This annoys him stupendously, but he is able to dispel it. Everett finds the Deck of Many Things and starts pulling out cards. The magic cards make him lose his house (now near Glantri) and all his treasure. The group continues and finds the Sword of Destiny in the tower and uses it to open a portal to the basement. There they fight the avatar 'Evilman'. Some, like Splinter, are magically confused and attack their friends. Stalfor lays the last blow to Evilman with his Gorogn Axe and Evilman disappears. The tower begins to shake and gold pieces begin to shower on top of them as the tower crumbles, but the party leaves it all behind, fleeing the tower just in time. Everett finds a diamond ring that got caught in his boot, which he uses to ask for Marina's hand in marriage. The seven celebrate at MC Viper's house. Viper tries to get in bed with Everett and Marina and a fight breaks out. Gandalph runs in and casts a web at Everett. Everett and Marina leave the room and spend the night on the floor.

Katrina flies Gandalph and Splinter back to Glantri, where they save Gandalph's mentor, Heros.


Everett is netted by a band of skeletions and dragged to Castle Illusionist. After a short interrogation by the castle's matron, Everett is thrown in jail. Erica appears from a secret passage and helps him escape. Everett returns to the castle with the band of experienced knights and clerics of Selenica and easily they slay the woman, who turns out to be a monster masquerading as Erica's aunt. Having killed Erica's only guardian, Everett decides to adopt the young girl.


Furball Applecarrier, Yohan Launcelot and Henry Headchopper explore a cave and come upon three kobolds. A misfired synapse causes Henry to attack Furball and Furball starts fighting back. The kobolds attack Yohan from behind as Yohan searches the room for treasure. The party is easily defeated.

MC Viper climbs the Mountain of Neutrality and slays a two-headed dragon to receive the Sword of Neutrality.

The King of Selenica throws a royal feast in Viper's honor. Viper brings Furball, Yohan and Henry with him to Selenica. Stalfor wins an Arrow of Returning for winning the archery contest. There is a wrestling contest and it soon comes down to Everett, Furball, and Gandalph. Everett promises to reward Gandalph if he helps him win. Gandalph accepts and takes out Furball. Everett takes out Gandalph and gives him a Helm of Reading Magic and Languages for the help. Everett gains two potions out of it and Furball vows venegence. Viper meets Ellena Charisma and takes her to his castle chamber only to find the dwarf Henry Headchopper sharing his quarters. He throws the dwarf out the second story window and into the moat and then shares the sheets with Ellena. Stalfor wins the jousting contest and is presented with a Dagger of Magic Detection. But the dagger vanishes as Gandalph invisibly steals it.

Viper and Ellena

The day after the feast, a ninja named Shadowsword uses his Ring of Illusions to disguise himself as an armored warrior like Everett and introduces himself as Harvey Footloose. Shadowsword challenges Everett to a duel to test each other's skills and Everett accepts. Shadowsword summons a fire elemental during the duel to fight Everett. Everett defeats Shadowsword but the elemental defeats Everett and both duelists are revived in the Selenica church. The two decide the duel to be a draw.

Gandalph is hired by the king of Selenica to kill a witch.

Everett is captured by Specularum guards for a past crime and sold to pirates. He battles in an arena for the pirate leader Gerald but is rescued by the red dragon he raised.

Furrball hires a hobbit named Rygar. Rygar saves Yohan's life and tells Yohan that in order to repay him, he should serve him for life. Yohan hires an assassin to help him kill Rygar personally. Yohan then joins an group of travellers: Ryu the elf, Luke the cleric and Felonous the mage. The party then hires Furball the elf and Wildo the cleric.


Yohan and Sheela Launcelot marry in Threshold. There is a goblin raid in the middle of the ceremony.

Yohan covets Wildo's Girdle of Giant Strength and so he attacks and defeats Wildo and takes the enchanted girdle. Then, feeling bad for Wildo, he takes him to the town church and has him revived. Wildo immediately presses charges and Yohan is taken to court. When found guilty, Yohan uses his magical anklet to create a electric shield around him. The city officials decide to surround him and wait him out. After a straight day of concentrating, Yohan blacks out and is taken prisoner.

Sheela, Greegan, Joseph and Yohan rob Darokin's bank.

The King of Selenica offers Sheela the quest for the Sword of Chaos, but Sheela thinks it is a trick and refuses the quest to assure him she is a law-abiding citizen.

Shadowsword climbs the Mountain of Chaos and claims the Sword of Chaos.

Furball the elf, Danny "the Dragon" and Joseph Hurlback escape from the slavery of Zanzar's salt mines. Furball resuces the elven princess Aleena and is promised marriage to her for his galiance.

Gandalph is asked by the king of Glantri to infiltrate a castle that has been erected in the Mapheggi Swamp and kill the wizard there. Gandalph refuses but embarks on the quest to warn the wizard of the king's hostility. On the way, a green dragon attacks him and breathes on him, suffocating him with poisoning smoke. The dragon gives him an antidote, the Potion of the Unicorn Horn, but the antidote itself will put him in a deep death-sleep within time if not treated. For that, the dragon puts on Gandalph the same quest, to kill the Malpheggi wizard. With no choice, Gandalph accepts.

Gandalph gets into a bar fight with a thief. He follows the man to his house and sets it on fire, burning down half the village of Darokin. He is burned himself when he later explores Thoul tower and attempts to cross the magical flame barrier.

Furball, Sheela, Greegan and Joseph bust Yohan out of jail, setting town hall on fire to cover their escape. Once they are on the streets, Sheela turns on Yohan, angry at her husband's incompatence. She defeats him and leaves him for dead. Yohan later recovers and attacks Greegan but is defeated. After that he's mugged by a 1st level dwarf. Yohan decides to get away for a while and travels to Darokin. There he rescues a man from Thoul tower. He's rewarded by being thrown in jail for robbing the bank.


Everett infiltrates Zanzar's temple and learns about his plans to attack the church in Threshold. Xavier teleports a guard force to defend that church made up of: Everett, Gandalph, Furball, MC Viper and Viper's father. Zanzar attacks and leads the party into the cemetery behind the church where he animates zombies to fight them. While they fight the zombies, Zanzar returns to the church, defeating Furball and killing the cleric. The party returns before Zanzar leaves and attacks him. Zanzar turns Viper's father to stone but is killed in subsequent battle. Furball is revived with the cleric's last scroll.

A skeletion army descends on the village of Darokin. In the chaos of battle, Yohan escapes.

Everett is enslaved by an onyx dragon that had been terrorizing Silvergalde. But on his first day of service he kills his master with two quick lightning bolts. The dragon retakes it's true form: the same dark elf Everett had thought he had killed. (But his Amulet of the Dragon had only reincarnated him into that form.) Everett is unable to find his Sword of Law but soon finds out he can call it back to his hand.

Yohan returns to Threshold and is captured. Sheela tries to rescue Yohan and is captured also. Each are taken to Selenica. Sheela talks with the king and convinces him to release her while Yohan's foul actions against his prison guards lands him in the Dungeon of Death. In the dungeon he finds the dwarf who mugged him, now poisoned. Though he has an antidote, he leaves the dwarf to die.


Everett finds a note from Furball telling him to meet in a field outside Threshold. He rides to the meeting spot and is ambushed by Furball and a band of mercenaries: Greegan, Joseph, Yohan, MC Viper, Ellena, Danny "the Dragon", Henry Headchopper, Erdrick the elf, Frank the dwarf, Felonous the mage, Ryu the elf, Luke the cleirc and Kage the warrior. Confident of his magical abilities, Everett taunts Furball by drinking one of the potions he won at the wrestling contest. Sheela charges in on a warhorse shouting to Everett "I'm on your side!" and promptly falls into one of the pitfalls MC Viper had set for Everett. Yohan casts a spell, paralyzing Everett and Stalfor. Marina surrenders, begging for mercy. Sheela refuses and attacks her. Many of the mercenaries quit, disgusted at the actions of the others. Everett's magic items are divided between the remainder of the party. Everett, Stalfor and Marina are revived at the church and return home. Later, Furball, Greegan and Yohan decide to sneak into his house, hoping to get the rest of Everett's treasure. Everett icestorms them and burglars and gets some of his property back.

Sheela explores the abandoned thieves' guild, and later with Yohan, the old wizard school. While they adventure together, Sheela charges Yohan for carrying some of his stuff, like his lantern. She keeps his money and his equipment.

It is not long before Sheela has taken control over Yohan's whole house so that the cleric is forced to move in with Furball. While staying there, Yohan starts picking cards from Everett's Deck of Many Things. He gains some experience and treasure but is forced to kill his friend when the card charms Luke the cleric into attacking Yohan. Later, Yohan is turned to stone by a medusa gorgon.

Everett is charged by the Good King of Selenica to find the noted criminal Sheela. Everett rides south only to find her on the side of the road, victim of a monster attack. She brings the body back to Selenica.

Everett helps Grant save his daughter from a stone monster in Darokin.

Viper and Shadowsword visit the plane of fire using a portal at the abandoned wizard school. There they rescue Ellena from an Efreeti.

The Good King of Selenica sends Everett III, MC Viper and Shadowsword on the quest for the Holy Grail, which has been said to have appeared in Zeaburg.


The three race to Zeaburg island and fight for the Holy Grail inside a forest clearing. Everett defeats MC Viper with a lightning bolt, but Shadowsword defeats Everett by summoning a fire elemental. Shadowsword claims the Grail, but does not return to Selenica with it.

MC Viper attacks Everett in the open street but is quickly put down by Everett's party. Viper later gets revenge by digging a camoflauged pit near Everett's house. Everett falls in the pit to find a sign reading "Have a nice day."

Gandalph discovers the hidden city of Alfhiem and swears an oath to the Knights of Nee not to reveal it's location. Gandalph breaks his oath and tells the people of Corunglain. He later meets a gold dragon and finds it's favor by giving a magical trinket to it. The dragon gives him a magical whistle to call him if he is in trouble. When Gandalph arrives in Darokin, he loses control of one of his earth elementals and destroys the village.

Gandalph is revived in Corunglain by Shadowsword, who teams up with him to kill the wizard in Malpheggi. They confront the wizard but Gandalph is teleported into a magical maze and Shadowsword barely escapes. When Gandalph escapes the maze, he fights the wizard again. Gandalph kills the wizard but is blinded in the process. Falling and tripping out of the castle and through the swamp, he takes out his whistle and blows it. The gold dragon returns and cures him.

Not knowing the wizard is dead, Shadowsword goes to Selenica and uses the Holy Grail to revive Splinter, Furball and then revives Sheela and a band of theives to distrract the swamp elves while he sneaks in the swamp castle. They defeat the swamp elves but Shadowsword doesn't return. Sheela and the others return to Selenica where they are quickly recaptured.

Gandalph remeets Shadowsword in Corunglain and he agrees to help Gandalph kill the green dragon who poisoned him. When they sneak in the dragon cave, the dragon breathes on Shadowsword, who starts choking. The dragon then flies out of the cave but Gandalph flies after him and kills the dragon by spells from afar. Gandalph returns to the cave to find an antidote to the Potion of the Unicorn Horn, but Shadowsword is gone.

Gandalph is then captured by the Knights of Nee and is thrown in the jail in Alfhiem. He attempts to fireball his way out of jail but only kills his new companions doing it. He's later rescued by Splinter and escapes to Selenica. Gandalph relays the story to the king of Selenica, who promptly throws him in jail with Sheela to appease his Alfhiem neighbors. Sheela's thieves are able to pick the lock and escapes, stealing the Holy Grail from Selenica Castle as they get away. Gandalph stays in the cell and for his honesty is thrown in the Dungeon of Death.

Furball invades a goblin village to get a potion that heals Yohan of his stone curse. Yohan leaves and joins Sheela's team. When Furball returns, he hears that Sheela has stolen the Holy Grail and raises an army and goes after her. At first Sheela eludes the elven army but is soon caught after Yohan splits up from her. Furball takes the Grail but lets Sheela go.

Gandalph goes beneath Akesoli Lake and helps a village of mermen against some vandalizing nixies.

Marina regenerates the groin wound that Greegan received from Gandalph.

The red dragon Everett raised returns once again, this time asking Everett for help against some gold dragons. He and his two dragon friends fly Everett's party to Dragon Peek, but a storm knocks Everett off over Malpheggi Swamp. Everett drudges through the swamp and finds Malpheggi Castle. Inside, he finds Shadowsword in a deep magical sleep brought on by the Potion of the Unicorn Horn. He pulls up Shadowsword's mask and learns that the ninja is still very young; in his teenage years. Everett then fights some illusions of the wizard Xavier. Xavier tells him he knew Everett was going this way and had blown him off the dragon to put him through a few tests. Everett's dragon returns and takes him to Dragon Peek, where he is told that a family of gold dragons had attacked and defeated them, stealing their home and treasure. Everett decides to find out the gold dragon's side of the story and is assured that they know nothing of the red dragons. Everett refuses to help the red dragons. This enrages his dragon friend who reminds him of all the times he saved Everett's life. Everett still refuses to help and is dismissed. A few minutes later, the other red dragons attack Everett's party. Evertet's dragon flies in and helps defend them, killing his own friends in Everett's defense and then flying away without a word. On the road back to Threshold, Everett gets his spellbook stollen, but he tracks down the thieves, kills them and gets it back.

The king of Selenica sends Gandalph on the quest for the Amulet of Ultimate Wisdom. Gandalph is teleported to the Alignment Mountains where he enters the Ether Plane and descends into a canyon to claim the Amulet of Ultimate Wisdom.

Yohan and Sheela load their combined treasure on a ship and sail out but are captured by pirates. Yohan is defeated but Sheela decides to join them. Yohan later escapes to Luln where he is captured and thrown in jail while Sheela keeps Yohan's treasure.

The clanmaster of Silverglade retires and gives title over the elven village to Everett.

While transporting the Holy Grail to Selenica, Everett, Gandalph, MC Viper and Furball are attacked. They are travelling through an open field when an elf named teleports out of nowhere, pulling Furball off his pegasus as he falls to the ground. The mustached elf pulls out a giant sword, the Sword of Decimation, but the heavy sword slips from his grasp. Viper picks up the sword and disintegrates into ashes. Saying that he is a friend of the Dark Paladin, the elf opens a magical gate of great width and a small army of kobolds marches through the great portal and attacks. Everett destroys most of them with ice storms and fireballs while Gandalph teleports to Selencia with the Holy Grail. Friend picks up some of Viper's ashes and teleports after him. When he finds him, he throws the ashes at the Holy Grail, instantly restoring Viper's body on top of Gandalph. The elf, Friend, steals the sacred cup and escapes.

Ellena gives birth to MC Viper's son, Victor.

Sheela, Yohan and Furball explore a dwarven iron mine. They learn that a sacred stone named Eisenkern was stolen by some goblins, awakening the red dragon Estorax Rex. The stone makes its way to the minotaur Dabokia who forges the stone into the sword Jamnar. The party finds Dabokia in a ruined castle and kills him. They then enter Estorax's lair and use the sword Jamnar to kill the dragon, resucing a pretty girl named Angela. Angela moves in with Yohan.

Dec. 1: Everett, Stalfor, Marina, Gandalph, Splinter, MC Viper, Greegan, Shadowsword the ninja and Taliant the druid are teleported by Master to the ruins of Evilman Tower. Master gives Viper the Holy Grail and disappears. Everyone decides to split up and explore the nearby woods. Viper gets Marina alone and tries to force himself on her but she gets away. While exploring, Gandalph finds Viper hiding in a tree, holding the Holy Grail. Gandalph uses his Boots of Travelling and Leaping to jump up and grab the Holy Grail from Viper and runs away with it. Once away from Viper, he ties the Holy Grail under his arm sleeve. When the party reunites, they combine their staves and create the Staff of Masterous. They use the staff to open a portal to the Sword of Destiny. Clones of Zanzar and Whata guard the sword but they're defeated. Then the huge amber dragon Veledam flies in and breathes on the party. Gandalph is the only survivor of the blaze. The dragon tries changing itself to look like Shadowsword, but is unable to get the Holy Grail away from Gandalph. Unable to wield the Sword of Destiny himself, Gandalph uses the Holy Grail to raise Everett who atkes the sword and uses it to defeat Veledam. This destroys the the curse given to her by Friend and changes back into her true form, a gold dragon. Veledam thanks them and flies off with the Amulet of the Dragon. The Sword of Destiny crumbles to dust, but they find the Dragon's Eye ruby, worth millions in gold. They have the gem split into 9 pieces to divide equally. (The gems eventually find themselves in the hands of Sheela, Yohan, Gerald the pirate, Sagus the warrior-druid, Keltar the wizard, as well as being hocked to common merchants.)

Veledam, the amber dragon

Dec. 3: Silverglade Castle is completed.

Dec. 30: Gandalph tricks the King of Glantri into thinking that he saved the city from a earth elemental.


Jan 10: The King of Selenica sends the Holy Grail to Silverglade.

Jan 29: Sheela ambushes Furball.

Jan 30: A poltergeist appears to Everett and Marina at the end of each month for three months, haunting Everett and Marina in the middle of the night. The poltergeist's attacks cause Marina to spontaneously age, making her an old woman. Everett soon begins making secret meetings with Romra.

Everett and Romra

Feb. 20 - Mar. 30: Yohan sails to Zeaburg with Angela, where he saves some of Zeaburg's treasury, finds the Talisman of Lore, and kills an orc warlord only to defeated by his son. Yohan escapes from the Witch Lord and later marries Angela.

Mar. 3: The Silverglade elves begin to get into a boundry dispute with the Sandhill gnomes.

Mar. 16: Gandalph creates the spell Cause Minor Pain.

Mar. 28 - Jun. 7: Sheela searches for the fire mage Balar. Balar defeats Sheela's party and reincarnates her in a different body. Sheela later kills Balar, revives his body and convinces him to join her and reincarnate her back to her old form.

Apr. 14: Yohan explores a rakasta mansion where his companions are slain three days later. The day after that, Angela leaves Yohan. Yohan sets sail for Specularum

May 24: Gandalph, now called the Bard, travels with a wagoned entourage of bards and guards. He cures a group of wereseals in Akesoli.

May 29: Second skirmish between Silverglade and Sandhill.

June 2: Yohan convinces Angela to return to him. He later returns to Zeaburg and explores an island cave.

July 9: Sheela, Greegan, Joseph and Balar invade Silvergalde Castle, slaughtering many elves. The Holy Grail is used to raise them all the next day and Everett sends an elven force after the raiders, led by Furball. Two days later Furball captures Sheela's party and takes them back to Silvergalde. Balar escapes but Sheela commits suicide in jail with a fruit knife.

July 21: Sheela is rescued and reincarnated to original body by Balar the fire mage.

Aug. 6: Sheela's party turns on Balar and kills him.

Sept. 3: Sheela and Furball explore Fireball Island. Sheela finds the fireball gem but Furball returns empty-handed.

Sept. 4: Swamp elves attack Malpheggi Castle, owned by Gandalph.

Sept. 25: Sheela, Greegan and Joseph sneak into Malpheggi Castle during the night. Gandalph rouses his band and attempts to imprison them. Sheela's party at first surrenders but then surprise attacks them once they are atken to their cell. Gandalph casts two sets of magic missiles at Greegan and they are reflected back at him, defeating himself. Sheela's party escapes the castle only to be defeated by Gandalph's earth elementals.

Nov. 24: Gandalph is revived in Selenica and returns to Malpheggi where he revives Sheela's party. Greegan and Kinko leave to take part in a guild battle. Soon afterwards, Sheela makes a deal with the devil Benttail. In return for her soul, Sheela receives a demon servant named Liplock and a hellhound.

Dec. 14: Shadowsword robs the thieves' guild in Kelven and is tracked to his cloister. The guild calls their strongest fighters to take back their property by force, but Shadowsword uses his Ring of Illusions to deceive his rival clanmasters, the Helion Keng, as well as Everett and his mystic compantion Fu Man Chu, to defend his cloister. When word reaches Hawkeye, he convinces Gandalph to teleport him there but appears several feet underground instead. The mystics are able to defeat the thieves even without Hawkeye though. Everett and Fu Man Chu find Shadowsword's cloister and Everett fights him one on one, but after some swordplay, Everett puts his blades away and they stop and talk.

Dec. 15: Sheela goes to Silvergalde and asks Everett for help in killing an evil wizard named Cyrus, who is hiding in a cave in Ieriendi. Marina and the elves become furious at her for even daring to hold court in Silverglade but Everett grants her request. Against their better wishes, Marina and Ragnar, the captain of the guard, join Sheela and travel to Ierendi where Sheela and Marina kill the wizard.


Mar. 11: Sheela digs up and loots a thieves' graveyard near the Thief-Mystic battleground.

Mar. 13: Sheela kills Hector. Hector is later reincarnated by a wizard as a manscorpion.

Sheela kills Hector

May 3: The gnomes of Sandhill attack Silverglade over the border dispute. The gnomish army charges Silverglade Castle during a banquet attended by Queen Sheela and Gandalph. Sheela leads the non-militant elves to the top level of the castle, Everett's treasury (where she learns to her later profit that it has no roof) while Everett and Gandalph fly down and cast spells from afar, killing the gnomes en masse.

May 11: The Good King of Selenica asks Everett, Marina, Gandalph and Sheela to go after his wizard, Xavier, who mysteriously disappeared but gave a hint he was heading to the Lady of the Mist's Island. The party follows the king's wizard to the island castle. Gandalf flies into one of the castle's windows while the others are forced to brave the hostile crow-infested cliffs. Gandalf meets up with them later and they find Xavier in a wizard duel with the Lady of the Mists. The Lady turns Xavier into a piece of cloth and proceeds to tell them how she once gave Xavier immortality but now felt that immortality was wrong. She takes her own life, leaving behind an albino tiger named Arkhan, who Sheela tries to claim but instead latches on to Marina.

May 21: Sheela, MC Viper and others visit Silverglade castle. In the middle of the night, Friend teleports in the castle and visits Everett and many of his guests. He uses the Sword of Decimation to threaten them and orders them to kill and betray each other or suffer the death of loved ones by his hand. Most obey his orders but Everett ignores the threats.

June 26: Shadowsword challenges Everett, MC Viper and Gandalph to a free for all battle to see who is the best warrior. MC Viper charges Everett. Everett casts a fireball at Gandalph but it is reflected back at him and MC Viper, defeating them both. Shadowsword shoots Gandalph with a fishlined hook, but Gandalph is able to free himself and webs Shadowsword to a tree.

July 30: Yohan escapes Fort Doom, castle-city of the Black Eagle Barony with the help of a winged elf named Faeya.

Faeya the winged elf

Aug. 3: Sheela joins the Black Eagle Barony.

Furball and a group of elves are allowed to borrow the Holy Grail while exploring a cave, where they meet Sheela. Although the elves don't trust her, Furball allows her to join. After fighting a few battles together, Sheela asks to hold the Holy Grail for a while. The elves protest verbally and then physically, but Furball is able to wrestle the Holy Grail away from them to give it to Sheela. Sheela uses her magical ring to become invisible and takes it back to the Black Eagle at Fort Doom.

Aug. 29: Everett III hires Shadowsword to kill Marina during a royal ball at Castle Mystallia. Shadowsword poisons Marina with the Potion of the Unicorn Horn, which stays in Marina's body for months before it's magical death-sleep comes into effect.

Sept. 1: Sheela is beaten and raped by the insane manscorpion Hector, a fellow general of the Black Eagle.

Nov. 3: Sheela finds herself pregnant and uses the Tree of Time to speed up the birth of her twins, Seris and Shera. Seris is born with a manscorpion’s tail.

Nov. 6: Yohan is hired as a bodyguard for the sultan of Ylaruam. After several assassination attempts, he learns that the assassin, Alexander, is sneaking out of a magic rug from within the palace itself. He eventually kills the assassin, much to the heartbreak of his lover Sheela.

Nov. 16: Gandalph joins the Knights of Nee.


Jan. 1: Sheela captures Balar the fire mage and imprisons him.

Jan. 20: Yohan escapes Fort Doom again, this time with Faeya. Faeya steals the Symbol of the Dragon, which Friend had been using to change her into a gold dragon to fly Sheela around the country.

Mar. 2: Marina gives birth to Velina and seemingly dies. Two weeks later Everett marries the elf Romra.

June 8: Yohan joins a group of adventurers on an expedition to an ice cave on the Ice Plataeu. There, Sagus finds the crystal skull he was looking for.

Oct. 12: Sandhill gnomes attack Silverglade Castle again. During the battle, Friend also appears and slays Erica with the Sword of Decimation. Everett IV uses the Holy Grail to bring her back. The Grail then rises and transcends into the air.

Oct. 25: Yohan climbs Darokin Tower

Dec. 11: Yohan marries Ellena.


Jan 25: Everett III's party, MC Viper, and Gandalph return to the Isle of Dread in search for an underground city of gold. While exploring the deep caverns beaneath the Isle of Dread, the party discovers Svartalfheim, a city of dark elves. While Everett's party and Viper decide to sneak around the city, Gandalph decides to animate a small army of undead and march straight through the city. His guard is decimated by the dark elves and he is nearly captured, but the others are able to rescue him. Gandalph's flamboyant display of arrogance leads a dark elf monk named Jaser to believe that the surface world is packed with the same magic and treasure that Gandalph displayed. He begins construction of a giant obsidian golem that will lead the dark elves on a holy war to the surface world. Later, he adopts a priestess named Betch Xilyn to help him.

Jan. 28: Everett, MC Viper and Gandalph discover the City of Gold. They haul a large quantity of gold back to the surface, but leave Viper behind. Viper returns to the village and learns he has a son, Arta.

Mar. 1: MC Viper and Arta are captured by the dark elves of House D'naga.

Mar. 20: Lady Mystallia of Kelvin invites Sheela to investigate Marina's death. Sheela discovers that Marina was poisoned during a visit to the Lady's Castle.

Apr. 18: Sheela captures Yohan and Felonous.

June 1: Rumors of the City of Gold reaches Sheela and Yohan. The two adventurers decide to make peace once again and go in search for it.

June 16: Gandalph admits to the King of Glantri that he was the one who summoned the earth elemental on Glantri in the first place.

June 18: An elven plague hits Silvergalde. Largely helped by Everett, The elf Erdrick and the dwarf Frank use the Orb of Antidocity to cure the villagers, fulfilling the prophecy that an elf and a dwarf would save Silverglade.

June 21: While exploring a Purple Worm's tunnel, Furball falls asleep next to a giant cacellia worm. The elven wizard Spectre is killed trying to help him, but Furball survives.

July 8: Taliant uses the Staff of Wishes to bring Marina back from the coffin and awake again.

Sept. 1: Sheela and Yohan's party reaches Svartalfheim on their road to the City of Gold. Sheela convinces the mage Rinifae D'naga to leave the dark elf city and join the Black Eagle.

Sept. 2: Beatrice and Krissella of Kelvin go to Malpheggi and meet Gandalph to propose a marriage to one of them to cement an alliance. Eight days later, Gandalph marries Krissella Mystallia.

Sept. 14: Ellena gives birth to Yohan's son, Cain.


Jan. 20: Romra gives birth to Lanoriel.

Feb. 9: Sheela and Yohan return from the City of Gold.

Mar. 1: Viper is charged by Matron D'naga with the mission of returning to the surface world to find her long lost daughter, Rinifae. To find her, Matron D'naga has a magical ship built for him. To ensure Viper returns, his son Arta is magically sealed inside the hull, which will only sustain him for a year.

Mar. 10: Viper sails back to Karameikos and tries to dock the enchanted ship, but the dark elf's magic backfires and part of the ship explodes. Viper and Arta both escape as the ship sinks but both think the other dead.

May 4: Sheela's party attacks Yohan's house and gets captured.

May 22: Sheela, John Roper, and Verdina invade a fire giant's mountain home and are captured by them. 8 days later, they escape.

May 27: Yohan moves into a cloister to be with Dancia, causing to Ellena leaves him.

May 28: Friend frees Sheela while Yohan is away.

June 10: With the help of Dancia, Yohan easily kills some black dragons.

Jun. 27: Yohan travels all the way to the Ice Plataeu to visit Faeya.

Aug. 15: Everett III creates the sword Darkhold.

Dec 27: Yohan gives Cain to Faeya to care for.


Feb. 18: With Dancia still in his party, Yohan attacks Fort Doom, killing many of their soldiers and humiliating Sheela.

Feb. 23: Ellena gives birth to Yohan's daughter Johanna.

Mar. 29: Faeya gives birth to Yohan's son Glade.

Jul. 5: Faeya gives the Amulet of the Dragon to the Ice Queen. Sheela kills the Ice Queen and steals it back for the Black Eagle.

Aug. 17: Sheela orders the assassinations of all the leaders allied with the King of Selenica. The dwarven king of Granite Falls is killed and Stalfor becomes king.

Sept. 20: Everett saves the King of Selenica from assassination.

Oct. 26: Threshold is taken over by wererats.

Under the king's command, Everett moves his elven troops to defend Specularum. An army of hobgoblins moves near the city and Everett meets the Black Eagle general in charge, Shadowsword, inside an abandoned Wizard's School. Shadowsword sets up a fight between the two on a bridge in full view of the opposing armies. He has a rickety bridge built over a gate to the plane of fire, promising utter destruction to the loser of the match. Everett beats Shadowsword but cuts a rope. The bridge tips and Everett loses the Sword of Law while saving Shadowsword.

Oct. 28: Keltar's mummies attack Silverglade. The elves wall themselves inside Silverglade Castle.

Oct. 31: The Black Eagle Guard takes Kelven.

Nov. 2: First Battle of Kelvin: Selenica Guard attacks and is repelled.

Nov. 5: Sheela and John Roper sneak into Stalfor's tent and cut his throat.

Nov. 7: Dwarves carrying Stalfor are killed by Keltar's mummies but Marina finds and raises the dwarves.

Nov. 8: Bugbears attack Silverglade but are driven back by the mummies.

Nov. 10: Second Battle of Kelvin. Selenica guard is repelled again.

Nov. 14: Third Battle of Kelvin. Black Eagle defeated.

Nov. 18: Everett III resigns as Clanmaster of Silverglade and magically changes his appearance, becoming "Veredith".

Nov. 27: Yohan goes on a 7-month tour of Glantri, Vestland, Soderfjord, Ochalea, Ylaruam and Thyatis.

Dec. 20: Gandalph sneaks into the caverns under Fort Doom and runs into Friend. Friend reveals his identity as Voluril, the elf Gandalph betrayed after magically detecting Voluril's evil intent. Friend attacks Gandalph and beats him.


Mar. 7: Gandalph and Ellena get Cain back from Faeya.

Mar. 15: Ellena moves in with Gandalph in Glantri.

June 10: Sheela competes in the gladatorial arena in Thyatis.

July 12: Sheela visits Alexander's grave.

Oct. 1: The 49 and 1/2 Thieves capture the village of Luln, led by the halfling Honkrobe.

Oct. 7: Yohan kills Honkrobe and becomes the leader.

Oct. 24: Yohan gives leadership over the thieves to Veredith.

Nov. 4: Some of the thieves try to gain control of the gang by kidnapping Erica. Veredith rescues Erica and starts casting spells, killing most of the gang off.

Nov. 7: Master teleports MC Viper, Gandalph and Shadowsword to the Bugbear Manor, promising to reward them for all the work they did. While training outside the Bugbear Manor, Shadowsword is kidnapped by Friend, Sheela and the dark elf Rinifae. Sheela uses a Ring of Illusion to make herself look like Shadowsword. Meanwhile, Master teleports to the plane of fire to recover Everett's Sword of Law. He hosts a dinner in the dining room of the mansion, toasting them for the heroic deeds. After toasting the adventurers for their great deeds, he reveals that he has put the Water of Life into their drinks, making them immortal. Meanwhile, Shadowsword escapes and breaks in the room, causing Friend, Sheela and Rinifae to reveal themselves. A battle ensues in the dining room and Friend cuts Shadowsword's hand off against the dining table with his falchion sword. Master teleports himself outside and everyone follows, busting through a paned door and over a terrace. Veredith shoots a magic missile at Friend but also hits Shadowsword in the back of the head, blinding him in one eye. Friend tries to stop Master as he unifies the Alignment Swords, but Gandalph wrestles the elf to the ground while Shadowsword jumps from the Tree of Time and cuts off Friend’s head. Master unifies the swords into another Sword of Destiny and sends it into another dimension through the tree. Friend’s Amulet of the Dragon begins changing Friend’s form. Everett and Gandalph fearfully teleport away while the others start running. Sheela and Rinifae catch up to Viper using a flying carpet and Rinifae freezes the barbarian with her wand. They steal his magic items and then Sheela takes off Viper's boot and puts a poison thorn underneath his foot. But before the paralysis magic wears off, Master destroys the Tree of Time, which sends a magical wave in all directions, hitting Viper and sending him far into the same primordeal dimension along with the sword.

Nov. 15: Yohan helps defend a couple's house from a band of wererats, but the man's wife is killed in the ensuing combat. In a fit of insurmountable grief, the man wishes all wererats everywhere totally destroyed. The man reveals to Yohan that he is the archangel Rafael and that he had been trying to live as a human but with his wife dead and the atrocity he had just committed, he knew he had to return to his homeplane.

Nov. 19: Gandalph, Ellena and Splinter journey to the Bugbear mansion to investiage the Tree of Time and Splinter disappears.

Dec. 25: Veredith and Rinifae move into the Old Wizard School.


Feb. 4: Gandalph moves into Selenica Castle.

Apr. 1: Betch Xiyln and her sister Wechlia joins with Dorgin D'naga and his brother Tails to invade a dark monestary of perverse monks.

June 10: Yohan finds the Crown of Elk in the Cursed Catacombs of the Ylaruam desert.

July 15: Using his Ring of Illusion to impersonate Everett, Yohan almost tricks Ragnar and Romra into sending elven forces against the 49 and 1/2 Thieves.

July 16: Veredith and Rinifae attack Silverglade. They kill Ragnar, Romra, Lanoriel, Katrina and many others.

Rinifae D'naga

July 30: Yohan resucues Luln from the 49 and 1/2 Thieves and disbands them.

Oct. 17: Sheela begins pirating.

Nov. 2: Ellena gives birth to Gandalph's son Jon.

Dec 2: Yohan and Verdina meet their father, Gregory, a peace negotiator between humans and orcs. Gregory uses a magical stone to steal mental energy from Verdina in order to better negotiate with the orcs, but the process begins aging Verdina horribly. Yohan kills his father before Verdina is killed by the life-sucking stone. Yohan convinves Faeya to move in with him and Kinko leaves his party.

Dec. 9: Sheela becomes a baron of Ieriendi and starts having a castle built.

Dec. 31: Veredith and Rinifae begin opening a demon portal on a cliff above Glantri to enslave the city. Rinifae betrays Everett and tries to kill him but Everett blasts her off the cliff and into the river. He then closes the portal, stoping the demon horde.


Jan. 1: Deluna, the second moon of Mystara, explodes. Many see it as a mark for the end the world. Sheela's pirate ship, as well as her newly captured carrier are sunk by the ensuing tidal waves.

Jan. 28: Sheela betrays and kills her king, the King of Ieriendi, and establishes Sheliatas.

Feb. 2: Veredith pledges allegence to Tiamat.

May 28: Yohan starts a war between the Specularm people and the orcs his father tried to ally with.

The mad monk Jaser finishes the construction and enchantment of his giant obsidian golem. With it, he and Betch are able to rally all the houses of Svartalfheim to march to the surface in a holy war. When they reach the surface, the dark elves are completely disillusioned by the glaring sun and the unimpressive war spoils of the island's native population. The armies rebel against Jaser and kill him. The wizard Dorgin D'naga offers to help Betch escape but instead backstabs her with a lightning bolt. Betch's sister Wechlia rescues her before the dark elf mob is able to kill her and the two exiles are forced to live into exile on the island surface.

May 29: Thinking to gain control over her, Friend tries to kidnap Faeya but she escapes to Yohan's mansion in Specularum. Yohan decides to protect Faeya and gathers his friends to prepare for a battle. Verdina gives birth to Yohan's daughter the same day Friend's party attacks. Veredith kidnaps her, names her Faithe and gives the newborn to Tiamat. Meanwhile, Friend gathers Sheela, Galahorn, and Christopher the Duke of Tel Akbir (in Thyatis) as well as others to attack Yohan's mansion. A battle ensues and Friend recaptures Faeya but finds he can't make her submit to him. Enraged, he uses the Amulet of the Dragon to turn Galahorn into a red dragon and catches Yohan's Mansion on fire. While escaping his burning house, Yohan rescues Sheela. Once safe, Sheela and Christopher attack what's left of Yohan's party. Yohan, Faeya, Verdina and Shadowsword escape but Yohan and Faeya are both poisoned by Christopher's bolts. Yohan uses the last of his magic to cure Faeya. Dying of poison, a magical crystal known as the Oracle shows him one last vision of the future. With Verdina and the others looking for an antidote, Shadowsword is the only person Yohan tells the vision to before he dies. His last words are "I think I made a mistake." The archangel Rafael gives Yohan the body of a female deva and employs Yohana’s service on his home plane.

June 4: Sheela picks up Victor while visiting the Druid Manor.

July 8: Veredith and Galahorn assassinate the Ylaruam Emirate. Sagus soon takes over.

Aug. 10: Tiamat orders Veredith to join Sheela but Erica convinces him not to.

Sept. 7: Veredith, Gandalph and Shadowsword infiltrate Mystery Isle, home of the Dark Paladin. Gandalph and Shadowsword are paralyzed by Friend, but Veredith is able to haul them on a rowboat and rows them off the island. As Everett rows the boat away through the dense rain, they catch a glimpse of the Dark Paladin. They are later picked up by a Sheliatan ship. Two days later, Veredith and Gandalph are taken to Sheliatas. Shadowsword returns to govern Specularum.

The Dark Paladin

Sept. 12: Veredith tries to sneak Everett IV out of Sheliatas but Sheela catches them and Veredith leaves to revisit Mystery Isle.

Sept. 20: Sheela sails to Thyatis to talk to the king. Everett IV stows away on the ship.

Sept. 22: Gandalph convinces the dwarves of Granite Falls to help defned the Grand Duchy.

Sept. 26: Sagus takes Kelven. Gandalph teleports underground while trying to teleport there.

Sept. 28: Gandalph takes control of Selenica's calvary.

Sept. 29: Sheela puts Specularum under seige.

Veredith arrives at the Druid Manor, saving Everett IV from a fight with Arta.

Oct. 1: Shadowsword’s raiders raze Sheliatas.

Oct. 2: Gandalph's horse kills him while in mid-flight.

Oct. 7: Sheela and Gerald's pirates attack Specularum. A message is sent to Selenica telepathically.

Oct. 8: Specularum forces flee the city. Shadowsword is captured. The King of Selenica resigns.

Oct. 11: Everett IV convinces his father Veredith to shed his disguise and become Everett III again. Everett III decides to give up sword fighting to concentrate on magic.

Oct. 14: Victor becomes king of Selenica by his birthright to MC Viper, Sacred Knight of Selenica.

Oct. 15: Sheela sells herself to Christopher for some expensive jewelry.

Oct. 17: Gandalph is revived.

Oct. 18: Selenica guard and dwarves retake Kelven. Sagus heads north. Meanwhile, after receiving permission by Gandalph, Galahorn marches into Selenica peacefully.

Greegan is killed by a mud golem in a cave on Ieriendi island.

Veredith is captured by Friend and chained in Fort Doom's dungeon next to Wildo the cleric. Friend comes down and kills Wildo but it doesn't scare Veredith. The Dark Paladin appears and slays Friend, explaining that he had betrayed the Fellowship. Veredith vows allegiance to the Dark Paladin and is released.

Nov. 27: The White Glove sneaks into steals much of Stalfor's treasure, including the Oracle from Granite Falls, Riverrock while Joseph distracts King Stalfor. Sheela later returns the Oracle to Stalfor.

Dec 21: Sheela becomes a Duke of Thyatis.


Jan. 1: An asteroid from Deluna hits the Sea of Dread. A massive tsunami wipes out Ieriendi, Gerald's Island, Specularum, and the Thyatin capital. Sheela and a few others escape with the help of Skyvolt the blue dragon. Gandalph is stranded on a deserted island with Dancia.

Skyvolt the blue dragon

Jan. 13: Sheela moves Sheliatas into Fort Doom and renames it Citadel.

Jan 14: Everett becomes a werewolf and the lover of Dire Veth. Veth's father Basara protests the union.

Everett and Dire Veth

Feb. 16: Attempting to get rid of Everett III, Basara lures him into a boulder trap but Veth goes too and both are killed. Everett revives and leaves Wereskalot.

Apr. 11: Stalfor and Shadowsword attack the White Glove guild with a dwarven army but fails. Shadowsword is captured.

Apr.19: Joseph delivers Shadowsword to Sheela, who begins to torture the ninja for vandalizing her castle in Ieriendi.

Apr.22: Rafael the archangel sends Yohana back to the world to rescue Shadowsword. Neo-monsters attack Sheliatas as Yohana frees Shadowsword. Shadowsword later meets with Everett III. Everett brings him to a magic gate in Silverglade leading to the Plane of Air. From inside a magic dwelling Marina created using the Staff of Wishes, Marina heals Shadowsword's wounds and regenerates his hand and eye.

June 7: Sheela gives birth to Christopher's son. Christopher tries to kill him, fearing the baby will grow up to be like him. Sheela convinces the Duke of Tel Akbir to spare him.

Aug. 3: Rinifae gives birth to Galahorn's son Neerlex.

Aug. 14: Krissella gives birth to Sagus's son Jadar.

Sept. 5: Everett moves in with Stalfor.

Oct. 30: Magic becomes chaotic and uncontrolable for the next year throughout the lands. The year becomes known as the "Fall of the Immortals" and the "Perversion of Magic".

Nov. 1: The Dark Paladin uses the Sword of Decimation on Everett IV in full view of his father. As the blade hits him, the Sword of Decimation melts around the half-elf. The Dark Paladin takes what is left of the sword and teleports away, intent on saving it somehow.

Nov. 2: King Victor sends out a scouting party to spy on Thyatis. It includes Arn, a white dragon in human form, Verdina the priestess, the dark warrior Gore Manowar, and a female bard.

Nov. 4: King Victor is overthrown by an angry public. He escapes with his guardian, Everett III. Everett IV becomes King of Selenica by his birthright to his father.

Nov. 24: Victor's scouting party, including Yohana, is captured by Thyatin guards and thrown in a monster pit. Gore is killed by a hydra but the others escape and convince the king to spare them.

Dec. 1: Master convinces Sheela to help rid Kelvin of Neo-monsters.

Dec. 2: Sheela's son ages 20 years after drinking one of Krissella's potions and names himself Adolph.

Dec. 24: Sheela and Everett IV help defend Kelvin from neo-monsters.


Jan. 3: Everett IV sends a search party: Arn- a dragon in human form plus two women: a fighter and a bard to Malpheggi Castle to find Adolph, who went there to research a cure for Erica's disease. The party finds Adolph and cures Erica.

Jan. 14: Gandalph and Dancia are rescued by a ghost ship captained by the mage Vanessa Foxx.

Vanessa Foxx

Feb. 9: Everett IV cures Erica of a neo-monster disease after sending a search party to Adolph to find a cure.

Feb. 19: Gandalph admits to Ellena that he had an affair with Verdina. Ellena tries to seduce Michael and when she's spurred, retaliates by lying to Erica about seducing him.

Mar. 8: Meeting at Druid Manor. Everett and others head for Mountain of Law to cleanse the skies of diseased moon dust.

Apr. 11: Gandalph becomes king of Selenica.

June 25: The Dark Paldain becomes Immortal.

Aug. 20: Yohana gives birth to quintriplets, fathered by Gore. They are all strange monsters, formed by the union of man and demon. Yohana the pale girl Ghost, the blue girl with three eyes Sheera, the boy with no pupils Errtu, the chameleon boy Lepra, and the color blind girl Fuckachee.

Aug. 29: Gandalph knights Michael.

Sept. 3: Yohana helps defend Kelvin against another neo-monster attack.

Sept. 8: Vanessa gives birth to Gandalph’s son.

Sept. 13: Vanessa's baby disappears after a pale neo-monster casts a spell on it.

Oct. 7: Sir Michael kills Ellena right in front of King Gandalph. He immediately surrenders to the king's will. Four days later he is bansihed from Selenica.

Nov. 24: Yohana attacks Gandalph.


Jan. 4: Yohana joins Thyatin's extermination squad and helps defend Kerendas agaisnt neo-monster attacks.

Jan. 16: Everett finds the King of Selenica on the Mountain of Law. Both of them, as well as Joseph, Shadowsword, a mystic who lost his memory and a priestess named Scherezade climb to the top and kill a neo-monster overlord. Though a fallen immortal pleads for them not to use the power of the Mountain of Law or else the fallen immortals would never be able to return, but the group decides it is more important to stem the neo-monster growth throughout the lands. They use the Mountain's power to lock out the astral path from Mystara, which also magically cleanses the skies of the moon dust.

Oct. 13: Everett, with his mystic friend, returns to the Wereskalot inn where he met Dire Veth to find out from his friend Hendrex that their leader Basara had disappeared about a year ago. The inn was also suffering from a disease that was causing many of the residents to go insane. A small army of neo-monsters then attacked, but Everett and the mystic fought them off. Soon, the magic that had changed Basara's figure and memory faded away and he remembered he was Basara, the father of Dire Veth, and that he hated Everett. But Basara decided to put the past behind him and even hands over the inn and leadership of the clan to Everett, who decided that Hendrex would make the best clan leader.

Sept. 2: The Good King of Selenica returns and reclaims his throne.

Dec. 11: Yohana goes on a quest to find the Shield of Ultimate Evil, which can create a force field that repels all neo-monsters around an entire city. He finds it on Isle of Mystery.


Jan. 7: In order to gain the protection from the Shield of Ultimate Evil, a deal is made that a battle will be fought outside Selenica Castle over the right to rule the city, the King of Selenica or the the Dark Paladin's forces.

Jan. 21: Gandalph, Stalfor, Everett IV, Furball and Vanessa fight for the King of Selenica. Yohana, Everett III, Erica, Sheela, Sir Benedict and Skyvolt fight for the Dark Paladin. Sheela promises the King of Selenica to betray her side but Stalfor does not trust her and beats her in the fight anyway, after he beats Everett and makes Erica surrender. Shadowsword distracts Yohana long enough for Gandalph to hide behind the castle and start casting. By the time Yohana gets out of Shadowsword's smokebombs and globes of darkness, Gandalph had become four invisible hasted dragons. He defeats the rest of them. After the match is over Yohana kills Skyvolt. Gandalph and Stalfor desecrate the Dark Paladin temple. Yohana finds the inn where Sheela is staying at and steals all her magic items. Yohana and Everett then get into a bar fight with Gandalph and Stalfor.

Jan. 22: Yohana orders Everett to kill Stalfor for desecrating the temple. Everett teleports to Granite Falls and kills a bunch of dwarves but is talked into surrender by Stalfor. Stalfor then enslaves his age old friend.

Jan. 25: Bohan the bounty hunter tries to kill Sheela but she escapes.

Feb. 18: Michael Sandhill and Erica Speartip get married.

Michael and Erica Sandhill

Mar. 24: Sheela hires out the Thyatin Guard as mercanaries.

Mar. 29: An airship, the "Mystical Love", descends upon Gandalph's party, including: Michael and Erica, Vanessa Foxx the mage, Baltar Himismickle and Everett IV. They are attacked by a band of mystics, who turn Vanessa into a doll and try to escape with her. Gandalph's party flies on board and Gandalph gets the doll back while Baltar climbs to the top and cuts the balloon. The airship crashes to the ground and the only surviving mystic, Shinnoke, leads Gandalph to Shogaria to get the spell that changes Vanessa back.

June 7: After being brought to Silverglade, Everett tries to kill Stalfor and escape. Stalfor takes out Marina's shield and reflects his magic missile, killing him. Stalfor brings him to Marina's Place, where he finds Michael and Erica. Then Yohan enters and attacks Michael. Marina makes a wish and when Yohana throws his next blow, he is teleported to the jail in Selenica. But he already knows how to escape. Meanwhile, Everett is revived, and Marina lets him use her Staff of Wishes to teleport himself to the other side of the world. Michael and Erica decide to move to Soderfjord.

July 2: Yohan meets with Sultan Sagus and tries to kill him. Many priests are killed but Yohan is defeated.

May 29: Gandalph, Vanessa and a fighter named Baltar are captuered and taken aboard an Shogarian airship. They escape but Vanessa is turned into a doll. Baltar slices the balloon open and the airship crashes, killing all but one of the Shogarians. Gandalph follows the Shogarian mystic back to his country to remove Vanessa's curse.

Sept. 12: Everett rescues a thief named Kira from some villagers. A week later, another thief named Aeriel joins him.

Oct. 10: Everett convinces a local king to relinquish his tax-hold on the local citizens.

Oct. 18: Everett's party finds a dragon graveyard. An ancient white dragon in it's deaththrows. The dragon kills Kira and Aerial in vain anger and then finally dies herself.

Nov. 15: The Sons of the Betrothed Pheonix are hired to train some Sheliatans their martial art.

Dec. 15: Sleekmelt the black dragon takes Everett to Tiamat's Castle, where he pledges allegiance to her once again.


Feb. 10: Gandalph remeets Splinter in Shogaria when the Sons of the Betrothed Pheonix send out for an interpreter.

Feb 28: Yohana kills Sagus at a Selenica peace conference. Neo-monsters charm some humans into stealing the Shield of Ultimate Evil and letting down the magical shield that protected the city. The neo-monsters invade and take over Selenica.

Mar. 21: Sheela begins preparations for a countrywide crusade against the neo-monsters.

Apr. 24: Gandalph destorys an evil oni in Shogaria and rescues a commoner named Par-Fum. Arta and Everett IV become blood brothers. Gandalph teleports back to Sheliatas.

May 2: Sheela sacks Thyatis Capital and drafts more men into her army.

May 28: To help destroy the neo-monsters, Yohana is given control over an army of demons by a demoness. She is also given a magical skull.

Sept. 6: Sheela is asked by the Soderfjord Queen to quell a rebellion in order to get supplies for her campaign to gather forces agaisnt the neo-monsters. Sheela meets with the rebel leader Victor and convinces him to lead his men into a trap. Victor instead betrays Sheela and invades Soderfjord from the opposite side. Neo-monsters then attack and both are captured.

Splinter, Sheela, Victor and Skyvolt

Sept. 7: Sheela and Victor are rescued by Adolph. They fight their way out of the neo-monster cave until Sheela is severely injured and is teleported away by Adolph.

Nov. 7: Gandalph meets Sheela in Ylaruam. Faeya leaves Sheela's party and joins Gandalph.

Nov. 8: Sheela's army attacks Ylaruam but is driven back by snipers.

Nov. 15: Everett IV climbs the Mountain of Law and becomes a paladin only to be slain by his father.

Nov. 17: Gandalph, Robin, Victor, Adolph and Faeya invade Selenica Castle to reactivate the Shield of Ultimate Evil. They fight their way through a neo-monster infested castle to find the shield guarded by an army of neo-monsters. Gandalph uses his Staff of Chaos to summon the Dark Paladin, who promptly cuts Gandalph in two, uses the Shield to destroy all the neo-monsters and then disappears with his shield. The next day Victor steals Selenica's treasure and Robin goes after him. Gandalph revives to find the city inhabited by Sheela and her army.

Nov. 19: Everett invades the Dark Paladin's Castle but is captured and tortured. A magical gem is insterted into his forehead to give him extra powers to fight in gladatorial matches. Everett is rescued by Sleekmelt.

Dec. 16: Sheela's army and Yohana's demons arrive in reclaimed Selenica. Yohana's demons start becoming uncontrollable, so Shadowsword convinces Sheela to help escort the demons to Kelvin where they can fight neo-monsters. But after being vomited on by a frog-demon, Sheela decides not to escort the demon army. Yohana loses control of part of the army. She sends the loyal half against the other half, destorying the majority of the demons. But the survivors open portals bringing in more chaotic denziens which begin to plague Selenica.

Robin and Victor attack Sheela as well as each other. Yohana and Shadowsword join the fight, attacking Victor, while Sheela and her men retreat from the situation. Yohana and Victor fight a long battle. Victor escapes but loses his prized two-handed sword “Drownard Spirax” to Yohana.

Yohana the fallen angel

Dec. 18: Gandalph and Falchonwind depart for by boat Shogaria. From Shogaria, they plan to make their way to Mountian of Law in Davania to enact a spell of eternal winter in order to slow down the neo-monsters.

Dec. 30: At Yohana's suggestion, Shadowsword wishes Marina Prayer some Gloves of Ogre Power.


Jan. 17: The King of Selenica burns the Dark Paldain temple in the capital city.

Feb. 1 : Sheela leads he men and Thyatin commoners against the Kelvin neo-monsters and wins. The Thyatins demand to stay in Kelvin afterwards.

Feb. 5: Gandalph and Falchonwind find Marcus stowing away on their ship. Rampart attacks them and is teleported away but Marcus is subdued and then allowed to stay with them.

Feb. 10: Yohana kills Robin and Verdina leaves him.

Feb 17: Tiamat presents Everett with the Staff of Planar Travel, but Sleekmelt feels that it belongs to him and steals it. Everett chases Sleekmelt into the Astral Plane, where he kills the black dragon and claims the staff as his own.

June 12: Yohana and Stalfor fight demons together in Selenica. Three days later they spar in the Dark Forest, but after defeating Stalfor without injury, Yohana decides to decapitate him.

June 28: Sheela travels to Thyatis to meet with the king about an alliance. She is poisoned on the boatride there. Once there, Christopher tries to suggest an alliance to his city instead. Five days later she attends a Thyatin masquerade and is nearly poisoned again. Sheela decides to back out of both offers.

July 4: Victor's party attacks Thyatis but is repelled by Sheela and Christopher. Victor is poisoned by Christopher's crossbow bolt. Sheela gets Victor to Adolph who cures the poison saving him. Sheela convinces Victor to join her.

July 10: Yohana moves to Ylaruam.

Sept. 5: Stalfor and Shadowsword attack Yohana in the middle of the night. Stalfor reveals that he drank Master's potion of immortality and then shoots a crossbow bolt into Yohana's eye. Stalfor decapitates Yohana and and the two escape while Yohana's guards watch.

Oct. 7: Mineral, a Shogarian clan leader, invites Gandalph's party to his estate and ambushes him. Falchonwind creates a giant purple worm that tears Mineral's home down and kills him. Three days later Falchonwind teleports Gandalph to Glantri.

Oct. 10: Everett meets Gandalph and tells him that there are two magical gems that could destroy the demons in Selenica, but they were taken into Deepheart Caverns by Gandalph's father, Bolo.

Oct. 15: The family of Sagus hires Arn to lead an ambush against some Dark Paladin cultists. They contact the cult, pretending to be initiates and arrange a meeting in the desert. Calix takes a contingent of priests with him and is surrounded by Arn and and ten assassins. Calix kills most of them and slays Arn.

Nov. 1: Everett, Gandalph, and a female thief travel to Deepheart to find two magic gems that might vanquish the demons inhabiting Selenica. They explore the cave complex, kill a clan of gnolls and find a long tunnel stretching deep into the earth.

Nov. 9: Stalfor uses Everett's Saddle of Flying to fly to Deepheart as well. Stalfor meets Everett and tries to kill him, but Everett escapes. Gandalph is also joined by Shadowsword and Marcus. The party gets into a fight with a group of mind flayers and lose. Gandalph quits the mission and joins Falchonwind on his quest to create a cloud that destroys neo-monsters.


Jan. 1: Gandalph climbs the Mountain of Law to find Everett IV’s body. He uses the power of the Mountain to begin an everlasting winter to slow down the neo-monster growth. Falchonwind creates a neo-monster-killing stormcloud and gives Gandalph control over it. Gandalph is teleported to Thershold where he meets Marcus, Calix the avenger and Kraken the cyclops. Kraken rips open the rooftops while the stormcloud's rains decimate the neo-monsters.

The party explores one of the two story houses to find a safe spot to rest. Gandalph decides to test out a new spell he found on Calix, which causes all magic to magnetize towards him. Marcus suddenlly decides to stab Calix in the eye and Gandalph starts casting paralyzation and slow spells at Marcus, but the spells hit Calix instead, slowing him down. The cyclops tears the roof off the house and grabs Marcus. Marcus barely escapes the cyclop's grasp only to continue his swordfight with Calix. But Marcus falls off the roof and knocks himself out. Calix runs downstairs and decapitates the thief. Gandalph later pulls Marcus aside and reincarnates him as an elf. Marcus starts trying to loot the city while Gandalph, Calix and Kraken get into a prolonged battle with one of the neo-monster overlords. Gandalph enables the cyclops to fly and promises not to catch the cyclops in another fireball. The cyclops attacks the overlord from behind but is damaged badly when he gets caught up in a fireball. Just as they are about to beat it, another overlord makes an appearance and then flies away. Gandalph strikes the final blow against the first with a lightning bolt. Gandalph heals the cyclops but it doesn't help the giant's mood. Gandalph then decides to chase after the second overlord. Calix steals a wagon full of weapons from Marcus and then takes residence in one of Threshold's finer mansions. Gandalph teleports to Citadel and takes Sheela back to Threshold. They find the second overlord and Sheela kills it with Adolph's arrows.

Neo-monster overlord

Jan 17: The king of Selenica holds a victory tournament in Alfhiem in honor of Gandalph's party liberating Threshold. Calix wins the cliff climbing contest. During the griffon joust, Victor tries to use his griffon to capture a unicorn that appears at the edge of the woods, but Azriel the cleric saves it from him. Calix accidentally disqualifies himself by accidentally attacking Karlak's griffon immediately after Karlak had just swooped down on Sheela and grabbed her. Sheela falls but Karlak the thief flies down and rescues her. Bohan wins the griffon joust and Marcus wins the greased pig catching contest. Calix and Bohan join forces for the gladiator match and hide in a globe of darkness while trying to wait out the fight, but Gandalph creates a Stonewall and Sheela pushes it over on top of them, killing Bohan and making Calix forfeit. Sheela and Victor then turn on Gandalph and beat him. Victor surrenders the game to Sheela, who wins title over Kobold's Cliff and two potions.

Jan. 18: The King of Selenica charges Gandalph and Darrek the pilgrim with taking a contingent of settlers to repopulate the decimated city of Threshold. Meanwhile, Marcus agrees to sell a potion for the Grey Robe wizard Godfrey on the black market because of the fact that the king has outlawed all magic items out of fear of Dark Paladin insurgents. Marcus decides to give the potion to 'Karlak' and leaves Alfheim with Gandalph.

Jan. 24: Everett reaches the bottom of Deepheart cavern and discovers a strange demonic commune, long abandoned. He kills a beholder and finds the two demon-controlling gems Clydno and Eidden.

Jan. 25: The high priest Dharnin decides that Calix should return to the City of Gold in order to fund the church of the Dark Paladin in Ylaruam. Dharnin tells him that he has hired a group of mercanaries in Specularum to assist him.

Feb 7: Calix meets with the Crimson Knights, Thaddeus and Zepheniah, and their group of mercanaries. Calix and the Crimson Knights steal a ship and begin their voyage to the Isle of Dread.

Feb. 9: Everett and Starchild travel to Mizraim to find the shamir worm.

Feb. 11: Gandalph and his entourage arrives in Kelven. There, the wizard Godfrey captures Marcus and forces him to reveal who has his potion. Godfrey then teleports himself and Marcus to Mizraim to steal back the valuable magic item. Godfrey hides behind a pillar within hearing range as he forces Marcus to confront Everett and Starchild in the streets of Thebes. Using his staff, Marcus gives Everett and Starchild a secret message while talking to them by holding his staff up to acentuate when they should "read in between the lines". Starchild figures out the secret message warning them of Godfrey and casts a fireball next to the Grey Robe wizard. Godfrey retaliates by creating three white dragons to attack the party. Godfrey tries to take Ygerna hostage, but Starchild hits him from behind with a Dark Missile. Meanwhile, Gandalph begins to wonder what happened to Marcus. He locates the elf through magic and teleports to Mizraim as Everett's party finishes off the white dragons and captures Godfrey. Gandalph trades some magic items for Godfrey's release and Everett escapes with the potion, later learning it contains the Water of Life, a potion of immortality, which he gives to Starchild.

Feb. 19: Everett and Starchild sneak into the Temple of Amenhotep III to gain clues about the shamir worm. They discover the Barque of Amen.

Temple of Amenhotep III

Feb. 15: Sheliatan soldiers are sent to kill the werewolves terrorizing Wereskalot. The city also gets the mystic Dancia, the warrior Arta, and a thief named Boaz to help. The werewolves learn of the impending attack and teleport to Mizraim to get Everett's help. While there, they're attacked by a group of Yishmaelites who magically learn that Everett is a follower of Tiamat. After killing the nomads, Everett, Starchild and Basara teleport back to Wereskalot to help defend Basara's inn from the Sheliatan attack. The werewovles repel Sheela's well trained army and Everett slays Dancia and Arta. Everett, Basara and the weretiger cleric named Caulin find Boaz hiding inside the inn's chimney and kill him.

Feb. 16: Gandalph arrives in Threshold only to learn that the Black Eagle have beaten him to the city. Gandalph sets up camp east of the city and forms an attack on the gates of Threshold with Marcus. Gandalph is captured but Marcus and Darrek escape.

Feb. 18: Everett and Starchild destroy the mummies of Tuthmose III's tomb.

Feb. 20: Marcus and Darrek rescue Gandalph and beat off the cyclops Kraken.

Everett and Starchild explore the tomb of Tuthmose IV

Feb. 22: Everett and Starchild explore the tomb of Amenhotep II.

Feb. 25: Calix and the Crimson Knights arrive on the Isle of Dread. The outcast dark elf priestesses Betch and Wechlia Xilyn, believing the raiding party will conquer the island and kill them, decide to gather the villagers and summon a band of undead to fight them. Calix and the Crimson Knights defeat both and then weather an insect swarm to capture the two dark elves. Calix soon begins to employ their clerical powers and tells them of the quest for the City of Gold. The Xilyn sisters convince Calix to enslave the village of Tonaraa in order to help haul the gold back to the surface.

Betch and Wechlia Xilyn

Feb. 27: Gandalph flies into Threshold invisibly and kills a group of Dark Paladin priests and is able to steal back some of his magic items.

Feb. 28: Dharnin brings his army against Gandalph's camp and slaughters all the settlers. Gandalph flies to Citadel and asks for Sheela's help in defeating the Dark Paladin threat.

Everett kidnaps Velina and steals the Staff of Wishes from Marina.

Betch and Wechlia take Calix to an old hut where they meet the wizard Grant. Grant pretends to approve of using the native population of Tanaroa as slave labor to haul gold, but secretly plans to sabotage their plans.

Feb. 30: With the help of Sheela, Gandalph's party invades Threshold. They kill many Dark Paladin followers and corner Dharnin, who asks to make a deal. He expalins how the land rightfully belongs to the Dark Paladin and gains Gandalph's promise of non-violence for the return of his wagon and the rest of his magic items. Marcus decides to join the Black Eagle.

Gandalph and Sheela leave Threshold and are met by Nikolaos the Confessor, who tells Gandalph that the spell he enacted on the Mountain of Law has set the world on a path towards destruction. Gandalph dispels the north pole's field in an attempt to mend the error, but it only creates a larger problem. He is then flown to the Mountain of Chaos where is able to finally dispel the original winter enchantment he set.

Mar. 5: Shadowsword joins Gandalph's party.

Mar. 24: Everett and Starchild explore the tomb of Amenhotep III. Everett uses Velina to find and disarm traps there.

May 1: Phaeros and Gregory make a deal to sell weapons to General Lysander for the war between the Attrughin clans and Darokin

May 2: Everett and Starchild explore the tomb of Merenptah. Starchild begins retraining Everett in double sword combat.

May 3: Grant charms Thaddeus and leads a slave escape. Calix tries to kill him but Grant uses his Eye of the Beholder to telekenetically steal Drownard Spirax. Calix offers to let the slaves of Tanaroa go free for the return of his sword. After the trade, he tries to kill Grant but is distracted by Thaddeus long enough to allow their escape. Thaddeus orders his men to attack Calix, but the men stop attacking him once Calix kills Thaddeus.

May 14: Starchild summons Drizzt Do'Urden in order to test Everett's swordfighting abilities. Drizzt scars Everett on the forehead but is still defeated.

Calix's party bribes a mercanary clan from within the drow city of Svartalfheim to allow them safe passage, but on the way they are seen by a member of House D'naga. Dorgin and Tails D'naga begin hunting for them.

May 15: The Attrughin clans raze Darokin to the ground. Generals Lysander and Artaxes are beheaded and stuck on gallow poles.

May 16: Everett and Starchild explore the tomb of Rameses I. Using a combination of spells, Everett solves the puzzle of how to open the sarcophagus.

May 17: Calix's party reaches the City of Gold. They meet a vampire there and trade a few of The Crimson Knights' mercanaries for information on a second route back to the surface that does not go through Svartalfheim.

May 20: The pirate Phaeros, the cleric Gregory, Michael and Erica are caught trying to smuggle weapons to Akesoli and are imprisoned in Specularum.

May 27: Erica uses a Charm Person spell to help the rest of her party escape.

June 8: Calix's party comes to the surface from within Taboo Temple, using kobolds to haul the gold instead. Dorgin's force catches up to Calix's party just as they reach the outside. Everett appears and rescues the party. The two team up to attack the drow raiding party from the top of the temple but Calix's mind is taken over by one of the drow priestesses and attacks Everett. Everett forces Calix through a portal to Styx and escapes with him, capturing the two dark elf nobles, Dorgin and Tails D'naga, in the process.

June 11: Everett and Calix raid the tomb of Rameses the Great. There they fight a demon with the katana Masamune, which Everett steals. The party injures the demon and he escapes. The party then engages in an epic battle with both the mummified body and the spirit of Rameses. The entire party is nearly crushed, but the pharaoh is finally destroyed by Ygerna. The demon, still greatly injured, returns and threatens to kill them if Everett doesn't give back the Masamune. Everett submits the sword, but only before the demon gives him his name, so that Everett can call him back one day. The party escapes with Rameses' treasure. Everett lets Ygerna keep hold of the Staff of Wishes.

Calix and Everett fight the spirit of Ramses with Velina nearby

July 15: The S.S. Renegade sails to Shogaria with Gandalph's party.

July 18: While in Specularum, Calix and Phaeros kill Zoon, the priest of a dark sea god. Phaeros removes the statues used for sacrificial rites from the sharkpool-filled basement and takes over the above tavern. Phaeros hires Zoon's underling, Thimb, to be his retainer.

July 21: Calix and Phaeros take command of the ship of a pirate named Captain Nbod and go looking for the dead pirate's treasure. While sailing in it, they find a portal that Captain N'bod had once used, which leads to random places, including Zoon's tavern and Moon island. Calix and Phaeros find Captain Nbod's treasure in a sea cave, where Phaeros slays a sea hag while Calix kills a spirit naga to find the treasure.

July 23: Everett and Starchild return to Basara's inn near Wereskalot. Starchild gives Godfrey's Water of Life to Basara. Everett, Starchild and Basara then attack Wereskalot for revenge and are captured by the Grey Robe and taken to the dungeons of Glantri city. There, they escape and return to Wereskalot, only to see Basara's inn destroyed by the Grey Robe.

July 24: Sheela brings her navy to Specularum and puts the city to siege.

Aug. 1: Everett and Calix explore the tomb of Seti I, where Ygerna is killed by shades. A magic orb that Everett picks up causes him to switch bodies with Calix. In the Hall of Truth, a curse is set on the party and they are asked to choose to either lose all their treasure, to die, or to allow someone they love die. Everyone in the party chooses the third option. The party is attacked by xeg-yi and Calix's sword, Drownard Spirax, is destroyed. As the party battles the dark energy globes, Tails slips away and steals the Staff of Wishes. He then brings it to the city where he pays for a mage to wish himself and his brother Dogin back to Svartalfheim. Velina is wished back home.

Aug. 2: Everett tries to have Ygerna reincarnated, but she comes back as an ankheg. Everett kills the giant locust with a Magic Missile.

Aug. 3: The spirit of the Mountain of Law, Ninhursag, discovers the primordeal dimension Viper is trapped in and sends him a portal back to his home world. Viper is gated to a garbage dump in the Valley of Hinnom, near the desert city of Urushalem. Viper then begins climbing the Mountain of Law, successfully answering riddles posed to him by images of King Stephan, Everett, and Master. Because time travels faster on the Mountain of Law, it tkaes him 5 months to reach the top.

Aug. 4: Calix, still in Everett's body, is sent to Alfheim to stop a trade caravan from reaching the king of Selenica. He meets a revel group in the forest of Alfheim. He later kills an elf and a dwarf to rob them.

Aug. 8: Calix is welcomed to the elven city of Truedyl. He ambushes the caravan outside the city and destroys it with fireballs.

Sept. 24: Everett, still stuck in the body of Calix, is sent to Specularum in order to seduce Faeya and steal Glade, her son by Yohan. He is forced to bluff his way past some Black Eagle soldiers, who find him talking to Faeya in a tavern.

Sept. 27: Everett, Faeya and Marcus try to escape Sheela's siege but are trapped by a sea net made from chains that Sheela has set up. Everett, Faeya and Marcus fly over and confront Sheela and her general, Edson. Meanwhile, Matron D'naga forces a goblin mage to use the staff and make a wish to have Everett, Outigar, Calix, Betch, Wechlia, Faithe and everyone within sight of them appear before them in shackles. Sheela and Edson are caught by the spell and are caught as well. The staff immediately disappears and the goblin mage is killed by the drow.

Sept. 28: The prisoners are told that if they participate in a hostage exchange with House Xilyn, they will be freed. If they try to rebel, Edson and Faithe are to be killed. In reality, Matron D'naga, has already informed Xilyn's ally, Matron Rikaunim, that Matron Xilyn has secretly welcomed her exiled daughters back home, an act worthy of death. The prisoners are taken into House Xilyn territory, guarded by Dorgin, Tails, Weapon Master Darthva, and the mercanary Galeron. The party fights a contingent of House Xilyn's own soldiers on a mushroom hill. The guards are largely killed by Calix using a combination of Everett's fire and ice spells. The party reaches House Xilyn and frees Betch and Wechlia. Once the drow are gone, Calix and Sheela attempt to turn on their captors, but Tails threatens them with Faithe and Edson's deaths. Using her enchanted polearm, Faeya skewers Calix (in Everett's body) out of fear that Calix will be killed. Meanwhile, using a crystal ball, Matron Rikaunim sees Betch and Wechlia walking freely in Xilyn territory. What she doesn't see is that when Matron Xilyn finds her daughters, she imprisons them. Once the insurrection is put down, the drow take the prisoners back to House Xilyn and imprison them again.

Oct. 1: Matron D'naga forces the prisoners to invade House Rikaunim and steal some of the magical writings of Jaser. Sneaking in the house is easy because House Rikaunim has rallied all their troops to attack House Xilyn, leaving only a skeletion guard force behind. The prisoners fight a guardian spider in House Rikaunim's altar room, which is killed by Everett. House Rikaunim's forces gain word that they have been invaded and abort their attack on House Xilyn. Dorgin and Tails leave the body of a Xilyn soldier to further implicate them. The prisoners are taken back to House D'naga and are told they are to be sacrificed to Lolth, despite their services.

Oct. 8: Tiamat convinces the mercenary Galeron through a dream to join against House D'naga when her dragons attack. Starchild and two other dragons, Lifeswallower and Crystalclaw, rescue the prisoners while Galeron rescues Faithe. Thinking the attack is from Matron Xilyn, Dorgin uses the Scrolls of Jaser to revive an obsidian giant and leads it against House Xilyn, but only after House Rikaunim has sent their own forces into the castle for battle. Starchild immediately sends Marcus away through a magic gate to convince Sheela and Galeron to help with their escape. The remaining prisoners kill two D'naga nobles and try to kill Matron D'naga but are overwhelmed by her personal guard. Everett and Sheela are captured but are traded back for the bodies of the D'naga nobles. The prisoners also bargain back most of their equipment before heading back to House Xilyn to pick up Betch and Wechlia. Calix and the three dragons attack Dorgin and the obsidian giant outside House Xilyn as the rest of the prisoners sneak into the castle. The obsiadian gargantua turns Calix to stone, but Crystalclaw destroys it with her frost breath. Dorgin tries to escape using his floating disc, but Starchild captures him. Tails follows the prisoners inside House Xilyn and meets up with Sheela and Galeron. Tails tries to convince Sheela that he can have his brother send her back home without informing Matron D'naga. But when Sheela remeets Starchild, she tells him of Tails' attempt to bribe her. Feeling that Sheela had outlived her usefulness and wanting to cripple Sheliatas, Starchild kills Sheela. Everett rescues Betch and Wechlia, who learn that the rest of thier family has been slain. Everett and Faeya are then teleported to Thyatis while Calix and the rest of the prisoners return to Castle Styx with Dorgin as their prisoner.

Oct. 9: Everett and the winged elf Faeya reach Thyatis but the Thyatin court offers little help. Everett and Faeya then head for Granite Falls to meet Glade, and are joined by a mage named Jezebel, who claims to have been sent by the Thyatin emperor.

Oct. 22: Still in Calix's body, Everett, along with Faeya the winged elf and Jezebel the mage meet with Stalfor. Jezebel reveals that she is a creation of the Dark Paladin and explodes, knocking out Faeya. Jezebel's magically enchanted arms and head continue to attack Everett and the dwarves. Jezebel reveals Everett's identity before Stalfor finishes the assassin off. Everett attempts to bluff his way out, but Stalfor uses an amulet of ESP to reads Everett's mind. Confirming that he really is Everett, Stalfor ambushes him while he sleeps. With Everett tied up, Stalfor tries to coerce Everett into telling him everything, reminding him of their age old friendship. Everett confesses, telling the dwarf king everything about Tiamat's invasion and his recruitment of Calix. After getting everything he knows, including how Tiamat plans to use the gemstones Clydno and Eidden to control the demon armies that will invade Selenica. Stalfor realizes that getting the gems Clydno and Eidden are essential and considers sending him back to Tiamat as a spy, but fears she will be able to read his mind the same way Stalfor did. Deciding Everett wouldn't survive as a spy, he breaks Everett's teeth and taunts him to secure Everett's rage against him. Stalfor demands a final battle, one on one, at the elf's old house outside Selenica 3 months from that day. Stalfor promises to bring all of Everett's old magic items if Everett brings Clydno and Eidden. Everett agrees to the meet him there and Stalfor ties him to a rock outside Granite Falls, where he is rescued by a non-enthusiastic Calix.

Oct. 23: Tiamat holds a council with Everett, Calix, Galeron and the Xilyn sisters. Everett and Calix are returned to their former bodies and are each given command of an army of devils. Galeron is sworn in as a priest of Tiamat. Tiamat reveals that Everett's capture has advanced their timetables and they would need to begin a 3 month training course to prepare for the ascension of Faithe. Everett is surprised to hear the attack will be on the same day that Stalfor set, but he says nothing about it. Tiamat then sends her guardian, the black dragon Acidsmelt, to go through a portal connected to Gandalph's magic mirror and eliminate him. The mirror had originally been given to Gandalph by his servant Marcus, who in turn had gotten it 10 months ago at the Alfheim Games by Everett disguised as Karlak.

That same day General Victor follows a lead to find Michael, who had killed Victor's mother Ellena years ago. Taking a squadron of Sheliatin guards, he, Phaeros and Thimb surround the outside of the tavern on the sea docks of Specularum. Victor tries to press Phaeros to tell him where he can find Michael. Michael, Erica and Gregory intervene and a fight ensues. Phaeros looks in his bag to get out his magic cloak but instead finds a note from Calix telling him he needed to borrow some of his things. Victor uses his Ring of Earthquakes to level Phaeros' bar. Gregory responds by charging Victor, castrating him with his sword. The party escapes into the ruins of the tavern, locking themselves in the cellar where a magic portal was known to open at random time intervals. After a long wait, they escape through the portal onto the S.S. Renegade, the same ship Gandalph was taking to Shogaria. They meet Shadowsword briefly but are taken captive by Acidsmelt. She takes them back to Castle Styx where they are split up, and Phaeros is put under Calix's charge. Everett's daughter, Erica, and her husband Michael are kept locked up in the lower dungeons without Everett's knowledge.

The S.S. Renegade is overrun by demons and Gandalph, Shadowsword, Krissella and Darrek fight the demons in order to take back the ship. However, a huge blue dragon passing by senses the demons and swoops down, grabbing hold of the ship and lifting it into the air. Gandalph tries to negotiate with the dragon, but learns that the dragon is determined to drop the ship on the nearest reef to ensure the destruction of all the demons on the ship. Gandalph casts Fly on all the survivors of the S.S. Renegade and evacuates the ship. Some rafts are made from parts of the ship and the people are adrift for 3 days.

Oct. 26: Gandalph teleports to Silverglade and meets with Marina Prayer in her home on the elemental plane of air. Gandalph then meets with the regent king of Sheliatis, Jorah. When Gandalph learns of Sheela's disappearance, he uses his magic to find show the council that Sheela is still alive. Jorah asks that Gandalph not tell anyone about this while he discusses the development with his council. Jorah in turn gives Gandalph support in providing room and board for the refugees from the S.S. Renegade. Gandalph begins teleporting the survivors to Citadel, warning them of the dangers beforehand. Some do not survive the trip.

Dec. 11: Using his magic, Gandalph locates Sheela and teleports to her room in Specularum.

Dec. 20: The halfling tracker, Regan Goldfury, is hired to follow a caravan and protect it from thieves.

Dec. 23: Two drow fighters attack the caravan. Regan finds them holding some hostages as they search through the merchants' papers. Regan attacks the drow fighters and sends them running. The news of a halfling defeating two drow warriors in battle spreads quickly throughout Sheliatis and Regan becomes a famed hero overnight.

Dec. 29: Gandalph's Lore spell reveals that the Amulet of Ultimate Wisdom was at one time a codex that belonged to an Immortal named Ninurta, who Gandalph knew by the name of Master. The ancient book was changed into an amulet by Ninurta so that it's power could be used to unite the Alignment Swords into one master blade, a weapon that could pierce Immortals. Gandalph learned that he was chosen to wear it because of his relation to Everett, Viper and Shadowsword and because of how mentally advanced he was for one so young. It was not used to create the master weapon immediately because, like the Alignment Swords, it was also being used to train it's owner as well as gain power through the holder's own experiences. At the time of the amulet's creation, Ninurta was using Gandalph and the sword holders that King Stephan chose for him to fight a war against the forces of Pazuzu. Pazuzu was the Immortal Quirinus, who had previously been given the name Evilman, to conquer the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. Although Ninurta could not fight Pazuzu directly, he found a way to send Gandalph and the others to Quirinus' tower to fight for him in his place. Later, Ninurta had the swords and amulet brought to one of the roots of the magical tree, Yggdrisil, near Glantri. There, he united the three swords into the master blade and sent it into another dimension until it's proper time. Because Viper was paralyzed by Rinifae's spell, he got caught in the expanding rift and was taken into the primeval dimension as well. Two years later, the Great Cataclysm struck Mystara. Ninurta was banished from the heavens, along with a third of the Immortals, to the material plane of Mystara. The goddess of the dark moon, Hecate, is banished as well, causing Mystara's second moon, the normally invisible Deluna, to explode. Having lost all his powers, Ninurta made his way to Karameikos, where he met up with Sheela, but was killed by a red robe when her party was ambushed by denars.

Dec. 31: Gandalph meets the druid Taliant and the halfling Regan at a New Years Eve party in Citadel. Gandalph talks to Taliant about becoming a druid himself.


Jan. 5: Viper reaches the top of the Mountain of Law and finds Scherezade, whose body was now healed from the spear wound inflicted on her by Basara's betrayal. Viper fights a dark image of himself and wins. Viper becomes a Paladin and is awarded a new Sword of Law. Ninhursag asks Viper and Scherezade to go to Ostland in order to find the Holy Grail again.

Jan. 7: Everett, Calix, Galeron, and the others explore the tomb of Seti I. When the party enters the Hall of Truth, each of the party members reveal secrets they sought to keep from one another. Everett admits to his betrayal after being captured by Stalfor. Betch admits to sleeping with Everett, and that she was pregnant and unsure whether the father was Calix or Everett. Wechlia admits to helping Tails escape and for helping kill Zephaniah when the Crimson Knight tried to warn Everett of his attempt to escape.

Valley of the Kings

Jan. 8: Everett, Calix, and Galeron party explores the tomb of Amenmesse.

Jan. 9: Starchild flies Everett, Calix, and Galeron to Akhetaten, the city built by the Mitzrian king and location of his tomb. There they find the Shamir Worms in the tomb of Akhenaten, completing the quest given to him by Marduk's servant 11 months ago.

Jan. 10: Starchild flies Everett, Calix, and Galeron to Valley of Hinnom, where a portal to Gehenna is opened. One of Marduk's servants trades the Shamir Worms for the Feather of Ma'at, the component he needed for the creation of some self-designed necromancer spells. But the demon then shows Everett an image of Erica being tortured and demands that Everett also hand over the gemstones Clydno and Eidden as well. Starchild, knowing that Erica was being held in Castle Styx, assures Everett that the image is a hoax without giving away what he knew. Everett calls the demon's bluff and dispels the portal.

Jan. 13: Apkieran, a lich and servant of Marduk, steals the Spear of Destiny from it's angelic guardians deep inside the catacombs of Urushalem.

Jan. 14: Queen Sheela, her advisor Thebes, General Victor, Grant the mage, Gandalph, and Splinter meet secretly in Citadel to discuss how to take Sheliatis back. Thebes convinces Sheela that Jorah is hungry for power and won't relinquish the throne without a fight.

Jan. 15: Tiamat sends her guardian Acidsmelt to steal the Spear of Destiny from an ancient desert castle of Apkieran. Acidsmelt takes with her: Calix and the drow sisters, Phaeros, Gregory, Michael, and Erica. News of the reapperance of the Spear of Destiny causes three independent parties in Urushalem to be formed in an attempt to find the spear: a Thyatin party and a Yishmaelite party sets out to steal the spear, while a party of Yehudah is sent out to destroy it. Acidsmelt, disguised as a human, joins the Thyatin party. They break into the castle, kill the Yehudah party, watch as Apkieran kills the Yishmaelite party, and then follows the lich down several more levels before fighting it in it's lair deep below the castle. Acidsmelt is stunned, but the party is victorious in defeating the lich, even though Calix falls into a drunken stupor. Gregory opens the chest and finds the spear, but having already been promised betrayal by Calix, the Thyatins steal it from him and nearly escape, though Calix is able to run the last one down. Although Michael is killed in the tunnels below the castle, Acidsmelt has him brought back to life and returned to his cell in Castle Styx along with Erica.

Apkieran's Castle

Jan. 17: Everett finishes researching Dark Bomb. He also trades Dorgin for a Blackstar Guantlet.

Jan. 22: Everett, Calix, and Tiamat's guards open a portal from the first hell to the center of Selenica. Everett and the dragon guardians fly to the edges of the city to place runed stones in the form of a pentacle in order to create a large enough portal in the center of the city for an army of demons to pass through. Stalfor waits at Everett's house, but when he doesn't show at the agreed time, he heads to Selenica. Stalfor uses Everett's Ring of Illusions to disguise himself, and finds Everett guarding the runed stone at the western gate. But when Starchild, Galeron, and some dragons show up, Everett warns them and attacks Stalfor. Using a drow dart gun, Stalfor causes Starchild and two other dragons to fall asleep, and a third one after it had already swooped down and grabbed him. Everett follows the sleeping dragon to where it crashes inside Selenica while Galeron waits and guards the rune at the wall. Everett finds Stalfor, aho asks him to at least fight by sword rather than magic. Everett decides he can't fight Stalfor and switches sides. Stalfor then acts dead as Everett flies him back to the wall. They then team up together to kill Galeron. Stalfor chops Everett's rune stone in half with his adamantite axe, stopping half of Tiamat's army from entering Selenica.

Stalfor takes Everett to a thieves' guild where he had managed to hire a fighting force combined of Riverrock dwarves and Black Eagle mercanaries. Phaeros and Gregory are captured by some of the mercanaries who take them back to the guildhouse. There, Phaeros convinces the Dark Paladin priest that he will help them by diverting Tiamat's forces to another part of the city. Instead, Phaeros leads them right to the guild, where the dragons destroy the guildhouse, killing near all the dwarves and mercanaries, including some of Stalfor's generals. Everett and Stalfor survive and manage to tunnel out of the fallen structure. They decide to split up, Stalfor going back to Riverrock for reinforcements, and Everett to Alfheim to warn King Stephan. Everett opens a magic gate, sending Stalfor back to Riverrock and himself to Alfheim. He meets with King Stephan and tells him about the new demon army led by Tiamat in Selenica.


Jan. 23: Viper and Scherezade, guided by a Yishmaelite named Mustafa, take a tour of the four divisions of the city of Urushalem: the Thyatin quarter, the Yehudah quarter, the Yishmaelite quarter, and the Ra-Amenian quarter. While staying at the Crescent Inn, the city comes under attack from a Yishmaelite revolt, led by a general named Hamza, and fueled by Yishmaelite poverty and rumors of the Spear of Destiny being stolen by the Thyatins. Viper fights some Yishmaelites in the street while Scherezade goes to protect the Church of Helena, which holds the relic known as the True Cross. Scherezade creates a magical barrier of hammers in front of the church, barring access from the Yishmaelites who want to burn it down. Viper meanwhile helps the Yehudah general, Ezra, and the Thyatin general Commodus, defeat another band of Hamza's men in the city streets.

After Scherezade's barrier disappears, Hamza's main army charges the Church of Helena. Scherezade stops the first wave of attackers from burning the True Cross and some hostages, but is unable to save the church's head priest, Father Mark. Scherezade instead animates Father Mark as a zombie to fight them off. Viper, along with brigades of Thyatins of Yehudah, arrive and charge into the burning church, helping Scherezade carry the True Cross to the second story. One Yishamelite tries to take a hostage out of the second-story window, crawling along the side of the building, but Viper sends his baby pheonix, Needle, after him, causing the Yishmaelite to fall to his death. Viper ties a rope around the True Cross while Scherezade bashes a hole around the window large enough for it to fit through, and the relic is lowered to the courtyard below. Hamza's men are defeated by the Thyatins, who reward Viper and Sceherezade for saving the relic.

Feb. 1: Scherezade and Viper leave Urushalem for the village of Leaf. That night, Starchild lures Viper away and tells him he can take him where he can get his hand healed and get revenge on Everett. Starchild takes Viper to Silverglade Castle, where Marina heals his hand, allowing him to use Master's Sword. Marina also tries to convince Viper to leave the sword with her, but Viper refuses and meets up again with Starchild.

Starchild and Viper wait in the forest until Everett appears just as Starchild expected him. While riding Starchild, Viper stabs Everett with the sword, but it has no effect on him. Everett creates a Purple Worm, but Starchild quickly burns it to death. Everett hides, causing Viper and Starchild to split up, but when Viper finds Everett, Needle convinces them to talk it out. Everett convinces Viper that he's being used and gets him to stand aside as he fights Starchild. But Starchild defeats Everett and then then opens a magic gate to Styx Castle, telling Viper that it's a portal leading back to Scherezade. Viper goes through it, but it instead leads him into a forest inside Styx Castle. Starchild opens another portal nearby and buries Everett in the same forest before flying off to get reinforcements. Viper finds Everett's body and hides it in a different place before Starchild and some other dragons find him. While trying to escape, Viper hides inside a cavern near the room's ceiling, and is surrounded by Starchild and the other dragons. Viper uses Master's sword to destroy the mountain around him, causing a smokescreen and allowing him to escape.

Meanwhile, Everett wakes up and convinces some demons to bring him to where Michael and Erica are being held in order to speak to them. Once he finds them, he opens a portal to Sheliatis, and escapes with them. Erica then convinces Everett to open a protal back to Styx Castle and bring Viper to Sheliatis as well.

Feb. 5: Grant hires Regan as a bodyguard. Sheela, Regan, Thebes, Victor, Grant, and Gandalph break into the Sheliatin Council chamber. More guards are called but Gandalph webs the door shut, with Grant on the outside. Sheela cuts Jorah's throat and declares herself Queen. The council surrenders but the mercanaries hired by Jorah continue to try and hack their way through the web. Gandalph creates a stone wall, blocking the way in. Thebes suggests Gandalph teleport the party as close as possible to Sheela's self-constructed capital, Fantasia. There they would reveal Sheela's return to where her most loyal support would be comprised. Thebes himself dies teleporting there, and the rest of the party finds a brigade of mounted mercanaries waiting for them nearby. The brigade is led by a flying warrior named Marius, who Gandalph distracts as Sheela and Regan escape into Fantasia. Victor and Gregory take a line of defense to slow the mercanaries down, but after the horseriders pass them up, Victor turns on Greogry and tries to kill the cleric, having never forgiven Gregory for making him a eunich. Gregory, nearly defeated, paralyzes Victor with a spell and escapes.

Grant finds Everett and Viper in Citadel and tells them to help Sheela out in the adjacent capital. Fly spells are cast on Everett and Viper and the two fly above Fantasia, looking for the queen. The two fall into a diversionary trap that seperates them. Numa, a werewolf from Basara's clan, lures Everett into single combat and defeats Everett in a wizard battle. Viper tries to use his Sword of Destiny, which he dubs the Annihilator, on a magical disc-riding mage named Magdalene, but is unable to get close enough to attack her. Vanessa catches Viper's attention and gets him to join Sheela's fight in the center of town.

In the center of the unpopulated capital, Sheela is confronted by her young son, Adolph. Adolph explains that the Dark Paladin's return had prompted him to make an alliance in which authority would be turned over to the Sheliatin council and the Dark Paladin would have a base to mount his attack on Selenica. Adolph criticized Sheela's capability to rule, quoting previous betrayals and naked aggression the queen had participated in in the past. Believing her reappearance to be the downfall of Sheliatis, he tries to convince her to retire. To ensure this retirement, Greegan, long thought dead, is brought out begging for his life. Sheela orders Adolph to be killed and Greegan is shot in the back by Adolph's sniper, Nira. Gandalph kills Adolph with a magic missile and Sheela kills Marius in a mid-air sword fight.

Meanwhile, Vanessa the mage and Scherezade the priestess dock their ship outside the harbor and enter the city only to be attacked by a centaur and djinni. After becoming seperated from them, Scherezade comes upon Sheela just as she is ordering the death of her son. Taking to Adolph's defense, Scherezade attacks Sheela. Scherezade throws her Hammer of Thor as the queen charges her on a horse. The hammer knocks Sheela off the horse, but Scherezade is trampled. Regan tries to steal Scherezade's hammer, but it's magic pulls him back along to her grasp along with the hammer.

Calix, magically disguised as a pirate named Garth, and Phaeros, disguised as a Thyatin named Tidus, enter Fantasia. Calix gets into a fight with a heavily-bearded cleric named Avragis while Phaeros is charmed by a werefox named Rene. But once Adolph is killed, Avragis leaves the fight with Calix and heads towards the other fight with Gandalph, Sheela, and Viper. Greegan is pulled into a hunter's shop by Adolph's mercanaries.

Nira the sniper and Avragis the high priest

Viper flies in to save him, blasting a hole in the wall with his Annihilator sword, but Avragis paralyzes him with a Hold spell. With Avragis distracted, Calix is able to save Phaeros from Rene's charm. Calix quickly causes the werefox to drop to her knees in surrender, and he orders her to release Phaeros from her grip. Recognizing Greegan, Calix has Phaeros follow him into the hunter's shop he was taken into. Inside, they find Regan has already backstabbed the guards holding Greegan hostage, but that Greegan himself is unconcious. Calix, Phaeros, and Regan lock themselves in the hunter's shop where and start trying to block the mercanaries from getting in, but the mercanaries pour in from the hole Viper has made. Surrounded, Calix, Phaeros and Regan escape through a window, leaving Greegan and Viper behind. Phaeros uses the Ring of Earthquakes to bring the building down on top of half the mercanaries, giving them the distraction needed to escape.

Gandalph uses his Staff of Chaos against Magdalene, killing her with a falling anvil. Avragis dispels Sheela's flight, causing her to fall to the ground, but Gandalph rescues her. Before leaving, Gandalph and Vanessa concoct a plan to rescue Viper. Gandalph takes position in a building across the street and summons an earth elemental. The elemental digs into the fallen rubble of the building and finds Viper. Vanessa, having made herself invisible, immediately grabs Viper and flies off. The werewolf mage Numa tries to dispel her flight but fails. The party takes refuge in a nearby forest, where Scherezade and Darrek help heal the party while messengers are sent to pull in soldiers loyal to Sheela.

Avragis resurrects Magdalene, but Adolph's body is too far gone to bring back.

When the Hold spells wear off of Viper and Victor, Victor tries to goad his father into killing Michael for the death of his mother. Viper refuses and Victor disowns his father.

Feb. 6: Gandalph teleports Stalfor, Shadowsword, Darrek, Krissella, and Splinter in to help Sheela. Victor tries to convince Sheela not to trust them, but Sheela accepts the help.

Feb. 15: 350 members of the Sheliatin elite guard, led by Captain Ramiro, arrive to back Sheela. Sheela sends most of the party as a diversionary force to Fantasia as she, Viper, and Scherezade and the elite guard (Hasted by Gandalph) to retake Citadel. Gandalph flies to Fantasia Castle where he asks to parlay with Avragis. Gandalph is allowed in talks wtih two Dark Paladin priests: Avragis, the High Priest, and Dharnin, governor of Threshold. Meanwhile, Phaeros takes to the southern gate of Fantasia and uses his cloak to try and charm the guards. The guards call Rene the werefox over and after recognizing him, she tries to charm him once again. This time Phaeros is ready for her, but he mocks being charmed to gain her trust.

When the alarm sounds in Citadel, Numa flies out from his post towards the castle, but is followed by Everett, Stalfor and the others. Numa flies to the nearest guard post and reinforces himself with mercanary archers, Magdalene, and some monsters. Numa blinds Everett with a spell and nearly escaspes using Everett's Staff of Planar Travel, but Everett summons a giant eagle (a roc) that tears out Numa's throat. Rene and her cavalry of mercanaries arrive and she orders Phaeros to attack. Phaeros shoots arrows at Everett but misses on purpose. Rene casts Feeblemind on Everett, causing him to lose his ability to cast spells and think clearly. The mercanary brigade launches a stream of arrows at him, but Erica, Michael, and Regan use their bodies as human shields. Pierced by many arrows, Erica tells Everett to escape before Everett sees her fall to the ground. Distracted, Shadowsword's wrist is pierced by an arrow. Everett morphs into a wolf and races after Erica, but smells only her red robe, which has magically teleported her away from harm. Grabbing Regan and Michael, both gravely injured from their sacrifice, he flees.

Hasted and flying, Viper uses the Annihilator sword to blast a hole through the inner gate and main entrance of Citadel, but takes an arrow in the jaw and falls to the ground. Scherezade makes her way to the council chamber to find only two councilmen left, who foretell of a doom brought on by the Dark Paladin before committing suicide. Viper, Sheela, and two elite guards storm the rooftop of Citadel, decimating an entire brigade of mercanaries.

Sheela and Viper storm Citadel

Magdalene dispels Everett's roc and fireballs Krissella, mortally wounding her. Phaeros sneaks around and backstabs Magdalene, killing her. Shadowsword throws smoke bombs into the ranks of the archers, confusing them as his apprentices (Razorfoot, Nightstorm, and Free Willow) route the mercanaries. Stalfor kills the hill giant, Lugg, and Tiberius the centaur surrenders to Shadowsword while Rene's cavalry of mercanaries flee. The party sets camp in a nearby temple dedicated to the deified Sheela. Krissella is healed but Shadowsword is forced to amputate his hand. Meanwhile, Gandalph uses the Horn of Yehoshua to disrupt the Dark Paladin's Ceremony. He teleports back out and meets with the rest of the party and takes them back to Citadel.

The party eats a victory feast but it is interrupted by a retalitory strike against Fantasia by the Dark Paladin. The party climbs to Citadel's roof to see an army of hellhorses flying in the moonlight, descending on the small city. As the army razes Fantasia, the Dark Paladin can be seen riding on a giant black dragon. Phaeros, Regan, Shadowsword, and Vanessa fly out to spy on the army while Gandalph calls a Council of Light to discuss their options. They decide to split up and see what reinforcements they can gather.

The Dark Paladin's slayers raze Fantasia as the capital's residents watch

Gandalph teleports to Glantri, but finds his house confiscated. Gandalph goes to the Glantri Academy to get help from the Grey Robe, but Alaric tells him there is little help they could offer, but gives them a place to stay for a while.

Meanwhile, back in Citadel, the Dark Paladin sends a messenger to parlay with Sheela, who turns out to be King Stephan, the Dark Paladin's cousin and long-time enemy. King Stephan expalins to Sheela that allying with the Dark Paladin is absolutely necessary with the arrival of Tiamat's dragon armies. When Sheela refuses, King Stephan tries to assassinate her. With the help of Victor and her bodyguards, Sheela escapes, but Victor is wounded and her bodyguards are killed. Phaeros, Regan, Shadowsword, and Vanessa return to Citadel. Phaeros sends Magdalene's djinni after King Stephan but he defeats it. Shadowsword then stops the party before they're ambushed by Nira and 4 slayers. They make a deal to lead Nira and the slayers back up to the roof, but once there, they find King Stephan leaving. Sheela's men then find them and attack. Nira escapes with King Stephan while Phaeros and Regan help finish off the slayers. Phaeros is shot point blank with a Slayer bolt and is greviously injured. Realizing that Citadel would be helpess against an assault by the Dark Paladin, Sheela decides to evacuate Citadel and lead her army through the labyriths beneath Citadel back to Specularum.

Feb. 16: Everett goes to Wereskalot to see if he can get help from his werewolf clan. Stalfor, Michael and Erica join him, but find only two werewolves held hostage by a third. After rescuing the werewolf women, Stalfor convinces Everett to go to Riverrock.

Feb. 29: Gandalph's party moves to Par-Fum's village in Shogaria.

Mar. 2: Sheela's forces reach Specularum. Starchild takes Phaeros to Selenica.

Mar. 3: Calix arrives in Selenica, having slept little in the last 2 weeks.

Mar. 9: Viper and Scherezade reach the Thyatin capital and take refuge in the hidden temple of Hecate.

Mar. 10: Calix meets with his old companion, Zhardis of Ylarum, and agrees to form an alliance with the Dharnin's brother Dhakim and the Dark Paladin cultists in Ylarum.

Mar. 11: Calix marries Dhakim's daughter Kora and leads an army of demons for Ylarum.

Mar. 19: The Archangel Rafa-El tries to stop Calix from reaching Ylarum, but he escapes.

Mar. 20: Calix's demon army takes Ylaraum. The Shahpar cult of Ylarum summons the demon Pazuzu to fight Tiamat's demons. Pazuzu attacks and defeats Tiamat's guardian Acidsmelt, but Calix escapes. Pazuzu disappears and the city is captured by Tiamat. Tiamat tells Calix to have the demons begin construction of Etemenanki Tower.

Mar. 24: The white dragon guardian Crystalclaw, along with Phaeros and others, investigate Pazuzu's Temple. The party is attacked by demons but they are helped by Pazuzu, disguised as Calix. The party leads Pazuzu back to Calix's castle, where Calix and Tiamat's dragons do battle Pazuzu. Despite Pazuzu's overwhelming power, Calix keeps himself alive by arming himself with ice armor and ordering the white dragons to breathe cones of cold on him to continuously heal him. Respecting Calix's strength and ingeninuity, the demon disappears again, telling Calix that he could kill him with a single wish.

Apr. 8: Heros visits Gandalph for the Shogarian Council of Light.

July 1: Calix, Phaeros, and Gregory lead a demon army into the Soderfjord Jarldoms, taking the city of Castellan.

Sept. 16: While spying on the the city of Norvik, a dwarf named Grendel tells Phaeros that his sister Tula was kidnapped by pirates and is being held on Dead Man's Island. Grendel is able to book passage there, but only one-way and only if they could protect a mead shipment from a ship full of drunken crazymen. The party agrees to act as guardians for the mead shipment.

Sept. 18: The crew waits until Gregory takes his shift at guarding the mead and then attacks, beating him down and drinking the shipment.

Sept. 20: The ship arrives at Dead Man's Island. On the way to Blarth's bungalo, Phaeros rescues a young woman, despite Grendel's protests, from one of Lord Obo's men, a violent pirate gruild known for their extreme lengths towards revenge. Calix kills the pirate Blarth and his bodyguards, riding his hellhorse Xiled, shooting through stone pillars with a magic bow. The party rescues Tula and her crew but still has no way off the island. Grendel offers to take the party to where Tula's ship is, but only if Tula sleep with him. Gregory tries to pursuade Phaeros to take the deal, but instead, offers to agree on the condition that he see the ship first. Grendel agrees and brings his some of his friends to ensure he isn't betrayed, but Calix uses his Ring of Illusions to disguise himself as Blarth and set the pirates guarding the ship against Grendel, killing him and his friends.

Sept. 23: Calix's party decides to split up. Calix returns to Ylaraum. Gregory heads back to Norvik to build a statue to Thor. Tula and her crew head back to Norvik as well for repairs. Thimb convinces Phaeros to join the less violent summer raiders of Western Ostland.

Nov. 7: Tower of Etemenaki finished. Calix performs a sacred marriage ceremony with an incarnation of Tiamat at the top of Etemenaki Tower. The devil Mephisto appears and steals Tiamat's souls, collecting on the promise Calix made months ago while under Seti's curse. Mephisto traps the souls of Tiamat inside a gemstone and convinces Calix to sign an agreement entitling Mephesto to Calix's soul and that he obey 6 commands to be given in the future. In return he would release all claims to Tiamat's souls. Calix signs and Mephisto releases the gemstone of souls, not to Calix, but to Bahamut. Along with 7 gold dragon guardians, Bahamut steals the gemstones and starts heading northeast, back towards Ostland. Calix jumps on Starchild's back and takes up pursuit. Calix sends Phaeros a message through their magic bags to meet him where Bahamut at the coordiantes he was heading, according to Starchild.

Nov. 11: Phaeros convinces his commander to give him a ship and meets Calix at the specified coordinates. A white head as large as an island rises up and swallows Bahamut as his guardians play interference against Calix, Starchild, and Phaeros. The great sea dragon, Leviathan, sinks back down into the ocean with Bahamut inside him, causing a tsunami that destroys Phaeros' ship. Phaeros is able to use Magdalene's riding disc to escape, along with Thimb and the young girl he saved on Dead Man's Island. The tsunami destroys Phaeros' pirate guild along with everyone else situated on the coastline of Ostland and Soderfjord. Calix, Starchild, and Phaeros head back to Ylarum.

Bahamut's guardian attacks Phaeros' ship

Nov. 19: Starchild sends Calix on a mission to find the lost island of Dilmun, where Bahamut is believed to reside. Calix is told of Ibn Sina, a Yishmaelite philosopher who was known to have several books about the island of Dilmun. When Calix goes to his hosue, Ibn Sina tells him that the only thing he knew was that the island was past the Stones of Gilgamesh. Ibn Sina offers to take Calix to the jungle city of Mapungubwe where he could talk with an exiled philosopher named Yitzchak Alfansi, who knew more about Dilmun than he did.

Nov. 29: Phaeros manages to procure Tula's ship, which had been able to escape the tsunami wave using it's gliding wings. Calix and Phaeros begin the journey to find the Island of Dilmun.

Dec. 1: The ship comes upon a city destroyed by the tsunami. Although Calix is able to create enough food and water to feed the crew, the ship still stops to explore and loot any of the flooded cities. Phaeros saves a baby whose crib was found floting on the water.

Dec. 21: The ship comes across another village filled with beggars.


Jan. 12: Phaeros' ship stops at another torn apart city, where the local residents attempt to chase them down with torches.

Feb. 11: Phaeros' ship passes through the Stones of Gilgamesh, the waters begin to rush them into the path of a giant sting ray, but Phaeros glides the ship safely over the sea monster.

Feb. 25: Kidukse, the only surviving member of the Sons of the Betrothed Pheonix, comes to Par-Fum's village to ask Gandalph to meet with Gandalph's friend, Lord Yurigama.

Mar. 15: Phaeros eludes a mysterious ship that follows them.

Apr. 29: 4 Alu-Demons, half-demons sent from Marduk, attack Phaeros' ship. One of them breaks a jug of oil on the ship and threatens to burn it down with a torch unless Calix reveal where the Spear of Destiny is, but is beaten before she can carry out her threat.

June 21: Phaeros' ship reaches Mapungubwe, the great hunter's paradise, where great quantities of gold, ivory, diamonds, and animal skins are traded. Ibn Sina takes them to Yitzchak Alfansi, a Yehudah philosopher who fled there years ago under Thyatin persecution. He tells them that the legendary island of Dilmun, also called Lemuria, was nearly impossible to find. He did have something which had been found on the island by a lost fisherman many years ago, and shows them a piece of Pykrete, a piece of yellowish ice that doesn't melt. Yitzchak offers to take them where the fisherman said he found it, although many had already been there and found nothing. Calix agrees and hires 2 dark-skinned mages from the city to act as retainers.

Aug. 20: Flocks of crows envelop Phaeros' ship, hampering the crew on deck.

Dec. 27: Leaks begin appearing at the bottom of Phaeros' ship, and the party finds the hull infested with wood-eating parasites.


Apr. 2: The mysterious ship appears near them while in a fog, but Phaeros is able to escape once again.

May 16: Calix's party arrives at Pungwe, the last port before departing into the ocean.

Aug. 15: Calix's party comes upon a nameless island of pearl divers.

Dec. 24: Calix's party comes upon the island of Lesbia. The queen, Les XXIII, offers them food, bed, and consorts, but the crew is charmed by the women into wanting to stay. A deal is made and the crew returns to the sea.


Apr. 1: Phaeros' ship arrives at the invisible island of Dilmun, but Calix is able to see it using a magic ring. When the ship nears an island, the archangel Uri-El appears, along with a flaming sword, barring Calix from entry because of the sacred marriage ceremony he undertook with Tiamat. The rest of the party takes the ships rowboats to the island. The river takes the crew through tunnels dug into the mountains and into the ruins of an ancient civilization. In the center mountain of the island rests giant cube-like strcuture made of Pykrete.

Meanwhile, Calix asks Uri-El if he can surrender to him. Uri-El tells him to sail 10 miles from shore, which Calix does. While waiting, the mysterious ship that had been following Calix and Phaeros for years shows up. The pirates tie him to the mast and demand that he take them to Dilmun. Calix agrees to, but a whirlpool appears and the pirate ship is swallowed by Leviathan.

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