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This page was really built to keep track of a particular D&D game, but since the majority of the traffic that comes through here seems to be looking for blank character sheets, I figured I would add some various gif files of blank ones at the bottom of the list. I also found a link to the Mad Irishman webpage, which has a far better supply than mine.

I. Bulletin Board

II. Player Characters:
Everett Speartip, Elven Necromancer
Gandalph the Bard
Sheela Lancelot, Queen of Sheliatis
Phaeros the Sailor
Gregory Mendel

III. House Rules

IV. Weapons Table

V. Encumbrance Tables

VI. The Golden Scroll

VII. Map of Karameikos

VIII. Character Sheets
Forgotten Realms Character Ability Sheet
Forgotten Realms Male Combat Sheet
Forgotten Realms Female Combat Sheet
Forgotten Realms Spell List Sheet
AD&D Custom Player Character Sheet
AD&D 2nd Edition Priest Sheet
AD&D 2nd Edition Mage Sheet

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