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"Business and Scientific Applications of the Java Programming Language", by Angelo Bertolli
"A Comparison of Distributed Systems: ChorusOS and Amoeba", by Angelo Bertolli
"Critical Review of the Wife of Bath's Psychoanalytical Critique", by Bahumuth
"Flight From Home", poem by Angelo Bertolli
"Florida Shell Shop", by Bahumuth
"Geraldine: Demon or Divine?", by Everett Bradshaw
"I Like Monkeys", by Jesse Walker
"If I Ever Become an Evil Warlord"
"Immortal Peasents", by Bahumuth and Angelo Bertolli
"The Isle of Dread", by Bahumuth
"Mystery at St. Pius X", by the St. Pius X Creative Writing Club
"Prudence Decor", by Angelo Bertolli
"'Rood' Awakening", by Everett Bradshaw
"To Valhalla by Horseback?", by Peter Shenk
"Violence in Video Games: Social Corrupter or Innocent Fun?", by Everett Bradshaw
"The White Rose", poem by Angelo Bertolli
"Who Owns Information?" [Powerpoint], by Bahumuth

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